3 ways to use digital marketing in your real estate and generate online business

In the moment we live in, it is nothing new for anyone that online competitiveness is greater than ever in the real estate sector. Consequently, at a time when your customers can see the kitchen of a home for sale on your website from more than a thousand kilometers away, adapting your digital marketing strategy to highlight your services and secure business should be one of your priorities.

A few months ago we could have said that digital marketing was an extension of its set of sales tools. Today we say that digital marketing may be the main or the only skill available to get new business.

Digital marketing makes you refine your strategy according to the “digital revolution”, helping you to improve your skills for the benefit of your business numbers. From optimizing on-site content to segmenting your target audience through email campaigns.

In this article, we try to compile a series of tips that you can start applying right now to help increase your conversions and make your business “future proof”.

Social media marketing

It is not new that people are spending more and more time on social networks. So why not take the time to start using social media to your advantage or reevaluate what has been done?

Set aside a portion of your time to create content that can informentertain or educate your customers (and future customers). Share information about how they can help the community or how your business is helping people make their dreams come true.

Do not know where to start? We know exactly what it feels like, so let’s give you a very valuable tip, used by major marketing agencies…

You need a plan

If a plan seems too superficial, we can say in other words that you need a system, with ready and always available elements focused on your business objective.

Let’s get to the point, not prioritizing consistent social media publishing can be detrimental to your business. Hardly anyone will follow or be interested if your most recent Facebook post is 2 years ago.

So the first item in your system is a content calendar. With a calendar in hand, you’ll have: an efficient process that will keep you posting consistently, saving time and the stress of trying to figure out what to post, with ideas for every day of the year and the best you can choose at any time .

Where to start

First, decide on which social networks to post. Consider where your customers spend the most time online. We can indicate FacebookInstagram and Whatsapp as the main ones. There are also others like Pinterest, focused on lists and that can help a lot in the positioning of your brand. Finally, Linkedin focused on the corporate market.

Second, decide how often you want to post, always prioritize quality over quantity. With that in mind we recommend at least once every three days on Facebook and Instagram.

Third, choose the tool to store your plan, files and graphics, in other words, find out which format works best for you. Let’s give you some tips on where to store your plan information.

Google Calendar

The Google calendar can be great, it allows you to create events and reminders with various extra information like notes and descriptions. In addition to synchronizing with your smartphone’s calendar in this way you will receive notifications wherever you are.

Excel Office 365

We also recommend using a cloud spreadsheet tool such as Excel available in office 365 or Google Sheets. Both are accompanied by a file manager to store other types of media such as images, text documents, videos and presentations.

What to publish

Tips to stimulate your creativity

Now that you have chosen the ideal tool for your system it is time to define the content and popular your list.

Try to book about 1 hour a week and plan your posts for the next week or month.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Identify the holiday dates you see as important and add them to your calendar. A good starting point is the document prepared by Sebrae which contains a list of dates with several tips to take advantage of the moment. Access here.

Make posts that are compatible with your real estate portfolio, for example, if your focus is on houses within the “program my house my life”. Make posts with interior design tips for houses up to 74 m². Tips for getting started before taking the financing. Ideas for furnishing the house and the principal offer help. This is a great way to guide a prospective buyer through the process.

Make posts that are compatible with your real estate portfolio

It is interesting to answer general questions that many potential customers have. Like, for example, what is the income needed to finance a residence in your city, what documents are needed, how many people can live in the house, if you need to have a formal contract among others.

At ImobiBrasil you have two excellent tools to facilitate the process of creating your posts.

Social Pixel Module

The Social Pixel module that has dozens of images ready to be shared.

Create Post Module

Next, we also offer the Create Post module to all our customers, which allows you to create a personalized post from a property.

Email marketing is not over

Email campaigns are a valuable marketing tool used to connect with new leads and nurture existing ones, but they cannot and should not be used without planning and segmentation. An effective campaign will make use of well-researched audience segmentation and personalized content that involves the recipient, providing you with the necessary trigger to contact you.

According to recent research (smart insights , forbes ) smartphones have helped email to become an instant and rich form of contact. On the desktop, e-mail is seen as something without urgency that can take hours, days or even never be answered. In smartphones, the notification of important messages generates the emergency trigger. So the content and quality of your emails needs to be very well thought out so as not to fall into spam lists and stop being relevant.

At ImobiBrasil we offer two ways for you to contact your customers via email directly from your system.

Compatible properties

The first is through the “compatible properties” module, where you can create search profiles and cross-reference your property information with your customers. Whenever a person is compatible with your properties, you can send an email directly from the combinations screen.


The second is through the “messages” menu, in this menu you will find all messages received through your website. To send an email to a customer is very easy. Click new message in the upper left corner. In addition, you are also able to send messages that arrive and have a completed email directly as a reply.

Here are some links with more tips for producing quality emails and reducing the chances of ending up in spam:

  • 50 quick Email Marketing tips to apply to your campaigns
  • Prohibited keywords in the subject of email marketing
  • How to Do Email Marketing and Not SPAM

Rethink Your Content

In the real estate sector, on a larger scale than in other sectors, communication is essential. So when it comes to impacting potential customers through your digital marketing strategy, the content you have to offer is paramount.

Whether writing adsvideos and images, you need to focus on creating high quality content that captures leads.

To be able to do this, you need to pay attention to your website, your social networks, your visual communication and your contact channels. At ImobiBrasil we seek to facilitate the management of your website to assist the success of online brokers and real estate agents.

We also offer support via phonechat and whatsapp to make getting started even easier.

Check out the list of benefits you will have choosing ImobiBrasil:

  • More than 30 website templates for real estate and brokers
  • CRM with customer registration
  • Sales funnel
  • Documents
  • Integration with Portals (Zap, VivaReal, MercadoLivre, OLX among others)
  • No loyalty contract
  • No minimum length of stay
  • And much more!


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