5 Points To Improve Sales With Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing the customer is the priority of every company. Within the real estate sector, trust between Tajarat properties and buyer is vital, therefore, measuring the relationship is very important.

A real estate development is a complex custom product, and there are many points where something can go wrong. We all know promotions that have had problems, which could have resulted from knowing the status of the client.

The classic tool to obtain the pulse of the client is through satisfaction surveys. In this article we will see what is important about these opinion polls in five simple points.

What is a satisfaction survey for?

Customer responses serve a company to position itself objectively. The vision that the employees and managers of a company may have will always be subjective.

So, the voice of customers and users serves as a reality bath. Is the attention of your employees correct? Do people back down as soon as they know the price? Have they obtained all the information on the first visit? In short, is there any aspect that takes the customer away from your designed customer journey?

And so, a long list of questions that have answers and what’s more, these answers are measurable. Satisfaction surveys deliver quantitative and qualitative results of your real estate development.

Survey tools

Surveys can be either face-to-face or online. There are many tools to generate surveys through the internet, here we will review 3 online applications that serve to obtain responses from your customers.

But the important thing is how the survey is designed. Techniques such as copywriting decrease the churn rate and also, by connecting with the emotional side of the client, generate more sincere responses.

The first is free and a powerful search engine, we are referring to Google Forms . It is a free tool that allows you to prepare simple surveys and with the security of Google. Although sometimes its design is too simple.

On the other hand, we have the payment tools such as SurveyMonkey or Typeform . These two represent an evolution with respect to the free one. They are paid and therefore the service is more personalized, for example, you can edit the template with our logo and, above all, they allow you to apply rules to the questions. That is, if someone answers that they are not interested in luxury promotions, they will no longer have to answer the rest of the questions about premium floors.

Personal contact: telephone satisfaction survey

Not everyone likes answers online. For this reason, for real customers the telephone survey gains strength.

The phone call can get more out of a customer as the telemarketer can prioritize key questions. What’s more, thanks to the data collected in the real estate CRM, the questions will be exclusive to this client. Therefore, all customer responses are of high quality . In addition, when having a conversation, aspects of the promotion that we have not taken into account may come out.

It is recommended that the coordination and processing of calls be prepared by a professional call center , trained telemarketers to contact customers and get their answers, in addition to taking advantage of the call to retain the user .

Tips for creating a satisfaction survey

You must guide the client during the survey, be clear about what questions . That is, ask the questions about specific points and make it clear what is the standard value.

For example, in a survey for the purchase of an apartment in a real estate development, it asks: if the documentation was delivered within the specified period, if the price varied from the stipulated price or if there was any damage to the apartment, among others.

You should also be specific when asking about ideas or concepts. In other words, “be nice” is very general, but “the staff informed me adequately of the documents that I had to provide for the real estate sale” is more specific.

Ask lots of questions, but don’t go overboard . To avoid generalities, you should ask questions about specific points. This will make it easier to quantify the results and have a clear objective of what needs to be improved. Now, no customer wants to answer a 200-item questionnaire. It is more practical to segment your database and divide the questions.

Draw conclusions from data

We must be clear that satisfaction surveys are a part of the business, especially in the part of improving the service and loyalty of the public. Surveys cannot be an isolated element, on the contrary, their results focus on the optimization aspects of our company.

Actions must be implemented after listening to the user, after all, the satisfaction survey is summarized in knowing the real estate client

And you, how do you prepare your customer satisfaction surveys? Leave your participation in the comments below and if you found this publication interesting, share it!

Real Estate Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a way of financing projects based on small investments. Crowdfunding is presented as an excellent alternative to finance the construction or renovation of real estate . A possible solution for small savers who cannot afford the cost of buying or building a new building alone.

This financing system attracts small and large investors who can diversify their economy by expanding their participation in different properties at the same time.

How does real estate crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding is based on financing a real estate project among several savers. To do this, when a fundraising process is opened where an investment objective is set. It depends on the degree of donation, the benefits are greater. On the other hand, if this amount is not reached, the money is returned to the investor.

This system is widely established in cultural markets as a means of financing. Since both musicians and visual artists or even book publishers use micro donations to promote their projects.

Democratize real estate investment

Crowdfunding allows any small saver to be part of the collective financing network. That is, you no longer need to have a large amount of money to become a real estate investor.

In addition, some micro donation platforms allow the investment to be less than € 100, or even to finance only 1 m² of the property.

How does a real estate crowdfunding platform work?

With the arrival of new technologies in the Real Estate sector, micro-patronage was imposed as a reliable way and with its own weight to finance investments. What’s more, some small startups have become real giants of the real estate market today.

In these platforms, savers can control almost in real time how their investment evolves, in addition to knowing all the data of each of the properties. The great advantage of these websites is full and transparent access to information constantly. Thus, any change in the market is known to all project financiers.

How to promote a real estate crowdfunding platform?

Due to the type of product it is, the promotion of a crowdfunding campaign is different from that of a real estate promotion. The target audience is smaller than that of a promotion due to its investor character, but on the contrary, the geographical scope is greater when all transactions are made online.

To promote a real estate site well, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of the real estate product, the area and the yield that we can obtain, to offer the best windows to future investors. Traditional digital advertising campaigns must be accompanied by educational marketing strategies, mailing and hubs, which together will make the future investor choose our website.

Real estate crowdfunding platforms

Today, the real estate micro-patronage market does not stop growing. There are already several portals where projects and investors come

together. Here, we will briefly review them:

• Housers

• Inveslar

• Privalore

• Bricks and People

• StockCrowdIn

• Urbanitae

• Brickstarter

On the other side of the Atlantic there are also other options for crowdfunding portals for example:

• Inverspot

• Briqmx

• M2Crowd

• PM2

• Besafe

• Lares

• Human Capital

• Grupo Konstruir

In short, real estate crowdfuning is here to stay. It is more than a trend, on the contrary, it is already a business that is growing.

Instagram And Real Estate, How To Make The Most Of It

There is no social network with greater growth than Instagram. Since 2017, its number of users has doubled, reaching 700 million active users per month . Do you know that 80% of these follow at least one business profile?

Without going any further, according to the same study, 60% of users recognize that they have discovered at least one brand in the last year thanks to Instagram publications. Are you willing to lose your audience by not keeping your account active on Instagram? In this article we will discuss some tips to get the most out of this social network.

Instagram photos provide great visibility in the real estate sector

Likewise, more than 41% of Instagram users are willing to follow brands to obtain discounts or benefit from special offers, contests, among others. That is, the target is found and interacts in the networks, therefore it is mandatory to go looking for it.

In this way, Instagram meets all the requirements to be the ideal showcase for your real estate promotion. Not surprisingly, it allows you to upload images of the highlighted properties and share videos of the property portfolio.

After all, using Instagram can usually improve the reputation of your Real Estate company and make yourself known to the target audience. It is essential, in such a specialized market, to include tactics to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Why should I be on Instagram?

First of all, it should be noted that all social networks share one key characteristic: their ease of use, they are extremely intuitive, which allows them to reach more audiences. Thus, for example, the social network Instagram allows Real Estate companies:

  • Increase your reach
  • Have greater visibility
  • Post more quality content

Likewise, Instagram has services that allow it to increase its impact. For example, the social network allows you to edit the publications to make them more attractive – using filters and other tools – which is very useful in the case of real estate developers, in order to take the best possible photograph of our property.

Not surprisingly, Instagram is the social network with the most interaction: 61% of users give at least one like a day . If we expand to 10 likes, almost one in three. These likes must be analyzed in order to generate a database of likes of our target. In Real Estate, as in blue world city islamabad, the more you know your clients, the easier it will be to attract them.


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