Video Trends In Real Estate In 2019

As in all markets, Real Estate buyers first conduct an online search. Furthermore, it is estimated that 80% of Internet traffic will be in video in 2020. Therefore, if we want users to connect with our brand, it is necessary to include video in our company’s marketing strategy. Different types of video for the real […]

How To Apply Machine Learning To The Real Estate Sector

Algorithms are increasingly important in our lives, including the real estate sector Tajarat properties. In this article we are going to review the trends for 2019 of machine learning in Real Estate and how they are already working on the Google and Facebook ad platforms. Big Data and Machine Learning to value a real estate […]

Automation In Real Estate Marketing

Marketing automation serves to get the most out of our contact database, getting the right message to each client, maximizing sales. It is common for a real estate developer to have a CRM to organize its client list, but this does not imply that it is correctly impacted on them. A help to deepen and […]

5 Points To Improve Sales With Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing the customer is the priority of every company. Within the real estate sector, trust between Tajarat properties and buyer is vital, therefore, measuring the relationship is very important. A real estate development is a complex custom product, and there are many points where something can go wrong. We all know promotions that have had […]