Outbound Sales Strategies: When and Why to Invest?

It’s very common for me to see on the internet and elsewhere people complaining about the country’s crisis and that because of that the company is not doing well in sales. We all know that we are going through a period of crisis and without a doubt this interferes with the new business scenario. But, […]

The 10 best real estate sites you need to know

When it comes to websites for real estate and brokers, the presentation of the content is essential to help establish trust and build credibility with potential clients and investors. And one of the best ways to increase the online presence of your ads is to create a dedicated real estate website that is easy to […]

Realtor’s day – why follow the profession?

Participate in a consolidated branch full of growth opportunities. This is to be a broker properties. Even with the uncertainties that the market sometimes puts in question for those who live in Brazil, selling real estate remains very advantageous for professionals who have a love for what they do and seek to keep updated. The number of people who […]

Coronavirus: a guide for brokers and real estate agents in the digital age

This is the type of article that we never expected to be necessary, however the moment requires strength, focus and unity from us – together we will win. The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the real estate sector. Everything from the work of brokers and real estate to how the ads are being shared and the […]

Is it time for your real estate company to adopt a crm?

Every self-employed or real estate broker has to deal with a huge amount of customer information. Information that can be in the form of: tables, paper notes, phone calls, contacts, etc. With a myriad of data and information that is generated daily, in a short time, any spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets) or notebook (Agenda, Cash book) […]

3 time management tips: for brokers and real estate agents

You may have heard many “experts” out there preaching statements like – You can feel less busy, less distracted and enjoy the present moment more, or else, work, study, take care of children and have time to do whatever you want. . However, always after such an assertion comes the dreaded and misunderstood “but you will […]

3 ways to use digital marketing in your real estate and generate online business

In the moment we live in, it is nothing new for anyone that online competitiveness is greater than ever in the real estate sector. Consequently, at a time when your customers can see the kitchen of a home for sale on your website from more than a thousand kilometers away, adapting your digital marketing strategy to highlight your services […]

Why Is Marketing Important In A Real Estate Developer?

Real Estate companies have experienced some recent changes in the business model, as the presence of the Internet has completely changed the buying experience of users. Clients have become more demanding and specialized in all branches, but in Real Estate even more, since it is the most important purchase made by a family. Potential buyers […]

Video Trends In Real Estate In 2019

As in all markets, Real Estate buyers first conduct an online search. Furthermore, it is estimated that 80% of Internet traffic will be in video in 2020. Therefore, if we want users to connect with our brand, it is necessary to include video in our company’s marketing strategy. Different types of video for the real […]