Outbound Sales Strategies: When and Why to Invest?

It’s very common for me to see on the internet and elsewhere people complaining about the country’s crisis and that because of that the company is not doing well in sales. We all know that we are going through a period of crisis and without a doubt this interferes with the new business scenario. But, […]

How to create a website for real estate agents and realtors

Thinking of creating a website for you who are a freelance broker or for your real estate agency and don’t know where to start? This is the definitive step-by-step guide for you to create a website for real estate agents or brokers and mark your online presence. It is normal to be a little (or […]

Seo for real estate agents and brokers: 10 strategies to position and generate leads

More than ever, potential customers turn to the internet to search for properties, negotiate with real estate agents, and talk to brokers and close deals.┬áIn addition, more and more buyers at the beginning of the property purchase journey consider the website of the real estate agent or broker to be the most important and reliable […]

5 Points To Improve Sales With Satisfaction Surveys

Knowing the customer is the priority of every company. Within the real estate sector, trust between Tajarat properties and buyer is vital, therefore, measuring the relationship is very important. A real estate development is a complex custom product, and there are many points where something can go wrong. We all know promotions that have had […]