Coronavirus: a guide for brokers and real estate agents in the digital age

This is the type of article that we never expected to be necessary, however the moment requires strength, focus and unity from us – together we will win.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the real estate sector. Everything from the work of brokers and real estate to how the ads are being shared and the ability to close deals, requires brokers to adapt to these circumstances never before seen.

At ImobiBrasil, we are following closely every pronouncement by the authorities in all government spheres in addition to the CRECI of each region. Either by gathering information on how to help our customers in this challenging time and continue to provide support in all service channels as usual.

We would like to reinforce that health and well-being, combined with the success of our clients in these times of uncertainty, are the fundamental pillars for ImobiBrasil. In view of this we have compiled this article with tips and suggestions for real estate agents and brokers from all over Brazil. Let’s go?

Your website and social networks have become your office.

Today more than ever it is time to take advantage of everything that is within reach to impact customers and close deals. Your website, for example, is available without interruption with all contact information on the internet. Customers can visit, view properties and send messages to you immediately, so it is important to focus 100% of your attention on online channels, here are the main ones:

  • Your messages received by the ImobiBrasil website are available in the menu, messages.
  • Facebook Mensseger.
  • Direct on Instagram.
  • Skype.
  • Comments on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Your email.
  • Leads from partner portals.
  • Online Chat

Did you see how many channels are available for contact? That is why attention and dedication to online service at this time are essential. Be close to your customer digitally and he will feel welcomed.

Use ImobiBrasil management tools

With the increase in the flow of digital contacts it is important to maintain online control of your ongoing business, recent contacts and customers. ImobiBrasil offers several tools for you to manage your business in a practical way.

Business module

The ImobiBrasil business module provides a practical way to integrate a trading funnel into your real estate from online and offline leads.

Quickly create business with a friendly interface.

Conversion Pop-up Module

With the pop-up module you can create message boxes that are displayed at strategic points on your website. You can customize each pop-up individually with numerous elements including videosimages and forms.

There are countless possibilities to create engagement.


The ImobiBrasil message box was designed to group all the contacts that pass through the site. Thus offering a form of quick contact without having to leave your panel.

Property Actions

The “actions of the property” module allows you to closely monitor each property. You will be able to register visitsforms , proposals , reservations and surveys quickly and easily integrated into your ImobiBrasil system

Look for a lightning bolt icon next to each property.

Pay special attention to photos and videos

Like you, your clients are also working at home or with much more restricted routines, so it is more important than ever to share the best photos and videos of your properties.

If a dedicated 3D tour at that moment is out of the question, you can still bet on more economical solutions such as video one inside the property, showing the strengths and characteristics that add value.

We will list below some tips that will help you take a video tour of your properties.

If you opt for a recorded tour, everything you need is on your smartphone. Pay attention to the lighting inside the property and preferably record horizontally. You can also opt for a live tour, the biggest advantage is to take the doubts of your customers during the visit. In this case, check if the region has good coverage of 4g.

When sending the videos to your client you have some options besides whatsapp. Even though it is the fastest way to send videos directly via whatsapp, there are some disadvantages, such as reduced quality of the videos in addition to having a size limit. For this reason, we recommend shipping via the following platforms:

  • Drive (Google)
  • OneDrive (Microsoft)
  • DropBox

All of the tools above allow you to send your videos in high definition to your customers and they can choose where to watch. Another advantage is being able to watch directly in the browser wherever they are.

Move your important documents to the cloud

With your separate team, it can be difficult to coordinate the paperwork. You must scan important documents and save them to the cloud. Also, make sure you have remote access to documents and photos that are already in electronic form.

An excellent solution is to use Google Drive, which has free space and has productivity tools such as document editor, spreadsheets and presentations.

Tips for your health

Your physical and mental health should be the number one priority right now, so limit your exposure to news about the pandemic and focus on reliable sources. The Ministry of Health has launched a dedicated website for this purpose that can be accessed here.

There you will find even more reliable links with useful information

Psychologists and health professionals also recommend limiting constant exposure to unreliable news and sources of information. Such exposure can increase anxiety and cause feelings of distress in some people, thus affecting their ability to act.

Below is a transcript of an interview with a psychologist at the University of California, San Francisco:

“It is tempting to look for updates, but checking multiple times a day can keep us in a staggered state of anxiety,” said Epel. “Then, we easily transmit this type of exaggerated anxiety to our children and those around us.” Focusing on catastrophic thoughts and predictions, especially given the examples on social media, can fuel feelings of panic.

Available from:

Another website with news updated daily is the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO). It can be accessed here.

For accurate and up-to-date information with WHO data, there are two options with reliable reports in Portuguese.


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