Digital marketing plan for real estate agents and brokers

At ImobiBrasil, we live and breathe digital marketing! Not to mention that we work 365 days a year focused on the real estate market, daily in tune with real estate agents and realtors. If you live and breathe the real estate market, this article was produced exclusively for you.

It is better to have a simple plan than to have no plan at all.

The real estate market is one of the most dynamic and challenging that exists and we know that the real estate agent needs to be aware of a whirlwind of information such as customer profilethe region’s portfolioits area of ​​operationand fluctuations in financingchanges in legislation … Ufa!

“Often, the best marketing doesn’t really look like marketing.” – Seth Godin

Knowing this – nothing more than sharing some insights and ways for you to leverage your digital marketing strategy. That’s why we’ll show you step by step how to work out the main points of your digital marketing plan and how you can start putting it into practice today.

What is your goal?

Go through each step of your digital marketing plan!

Mentalize this situation and see if you have found yourself doing exactly this – When you are not busy serving customers and closing deals, stay focused on marketing by posting on Facebook , Instagram , sharing properties with potential leads and maintaining paid campaigns on Google and Facebook . As soon as the first results of your marketing actions begin, you are totally immersed in work and busy all the time nurturing your leads and do not have time to continue with marketing. After completing and closing these deals, you will no longer be busy, but there will be no more leads ready to work with you, because you have not done marketing.

It’s time to change that paradigm! Having a recurring marketing plan that can be executed weekly is essential. Having a plan that is quick to apply and in short steps will help you to stay on track. How do I know which points to focus on? As you may have seen on several lists over the internet, a successful marketing plan revolves around some basic aspects.

  • Increase your lead base
  • Convert more leads
  • Increase indications
  • Do social marketing

What is your audience?

Attention to the right customer at the right time.

The main point at this stage is the relevance of your real estate inventory to your customers. Stay tuned and feed your business system – there are investors who want a property for yesterday, sellers who are planning to sell in the next 8 to 12 months and customers who will take more than 18 months to buy a property . There are so many variables and the key is essentially simple, providing them with information relevant to the stage of the journey they are on.

Stay tuned in these profiles that are part of your leads

  • Customers who have already done business and will indicate their brand
  • Buyers
  • Vendors

If your marketing message tries to please all of your leads, you will be ignored. Remember relevance to the audience is the focus.

Speaking of focus, an existing problem in real estate marketing is to fully emphasize the buyer and forget about the other profiles in your marketing plan. We are sure that if you ask professional colleagues or analyze their latest business, you will see that most of the best leads came from old salespeople and customers.

At the end of the day, it is necessary to pave the long term.

So the logical question is – why do most of your content and efforts focus only on new customers? Imagine, a broker who only chases new buyers (do not include yourself if you are starting now and just took your CRECI) and completely forgets the previous owners and customers, your marketing will always be insufficient and you will look desperate for business.

Where is your audience, which social network to focus on?

Your social media needs to be in tune with your audience.

Perhaps the correct question is not where your audience is, but take for granted that your audience is spread across all social networks. Rest assured you will not have to create unique content for each one of them (Facebook, Instagram posts, Instragram stories, Linkedin). You can easily weave your content and customize small parts according to the particularities of each social network.

It is important to remember that while all platforms require personalized content or posts, they all need to be in the same direction and have the same voice. When users consume your content, it is ideal that they instantly recognize the tone, writing and feeling, as well as your brand. Never forget what your main objective is, this will facilitate the transmission of the message to the customer.

What content should I post?

Each content is assimilated differently according to the moment of your client.

So far we’ve talked a lot about how your plan should be structured and what guidelines to follow. Now let’s move on to the practical approach and focus on some content tips that are sure to boost your conversions.

  • Use surveys and questionnaires (Facebook, Instagram stories) to learn about your audience
  • Publish on customer success stories like sales, leases and developments
  • Share videos you’ve created with tips and newsletters
  • Share video tour of your best properties
  • Post new ads to increase traffic
  • Post photos of existing urban facilities in the neighborhoods
  • Post photos of leisure places close to the properties
  • Share home buying tips for those who are going to purchase their first property
  • Share home decorating tips

How to design seasonal content strategies?

Have you heard of Google Trends?

Plan to conquer.

It can help you define the exact moment when your campaign should start and end, based on holidays or events. See the example above on Mother’s Day, there is a sudden increase in searches from the end of March effectively dissipating on the day of the celebration. This type of data is very valuable to know when to start your strategy and not to miss the bullish moment.

“Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.”  – Dan Zarrella

Still on our example of Mother’s Day, analyzing search trends, it is vital that on March 20 your strategy is already created, that is, its content (images, texts, videos, etc.) must be developed and its defined focus.
This is important because your campaign needs to start running the week before peak interest to maximize your results.

Thinking about the long term is starting today!

Anyone’s most accurate resource is time. Use responsibly.

There are many elements that come with a good digital marketing plan, so start planning your success now with the right strategy and implement in advance. If we could give one last tip it would be this – you will need a place to write down and keep track of the results of your plan right? So we strongly recommend it to be as simple and fast as possible, so you won’t waste time and stay focused on what really matters. Here on the ImobiBrasil Blog we have already listed the best tools for you to use.

Persistence coupled with a fixed objective is the main driver for its long-term development.

What did you think of our story? Found an error? Leave a comment and stay tuned, more digital marketing guides are being prepared for you.


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