How can you build up your Instagram to promote your businesses

First and foremost, these procedures are not the absolute rule, and someone may be able to teach you a more successful way to construct an Instagram account to promote your business; I am simply sharing my personal experience.

First and foremost, I always keep my audience in mind. Let’s suppose they’re fitness and motivational coaches; therefore, I established Instagram specifically for them. Simply state who your target audience is (acheter follower instagram).

Choose Hashtags that your target audience is interested in. Avoid using broad hashtags such as #gym (which has over 140 million public postings). I utilize hashtags (facebook likes) like #nycfitnesstrainer (with around 2000+ public posts) and #nycfitness (with about 100K+ public posts) to target people in New York, as well as other tags in between.

Create posts based on your target audience and hashtags. I create quotes, inspirational messages, and other similar items.

It’s a given that if you post frequently, you’ll get more profile and post views. I notice a drop in visits and follows when I skip updating or run out of content.

Automation is the next step (which is against ToS of Instagram). You should not attempt it unless you are confident in your abilities. You should be seasoned Instagram users, as I had tremendous success with it. It is made up of

  • Following a specific group of people or an audience,
  • Follow those who don’t follow me back and unfollow those who don’t follow me.
  • Send a direct message to my prospects with my sales pitch.
  • Likes and general comments on posts aimed at the target demographic


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