How To Apply Machine Learning To The Real Estate Sector

Algorithms are increasingly important in our lives, including the real estate sector Tajarat properties. In this article we are going to review the trends for 2019 of machine learning in Real Estate and how they are already working on the Google and Facebook ad platforms.

Big Data and Machine Learning to value a real estate development

On the one hand, we have large-scale data collection with Big Data methods. And on the other hand, we have the algorithms that perform the calculations of how much a property can be worth, according to the data collected.

These operations carried out by computers take into account multiple variables such as age of the property, neighborhood, surface, category, among others.

By introducing these data, machine learning can predict how much a real estate will cost in a given time, the evolution of prices in the area, how much we can sell our properties for … Or on the part of the buyer, their debt capacity and the approximate value of their mortgage.

Therefore, Big Data and Machine Learning are of great importance for Real Estate market players such as, real estate developers or banks.

In addition, since January 1, 2018, the new Bank Circular requires banks to have more provisions than before. Therefore, the exact calculation of losses must be anticipated in advance .

This is where algorithmic calculations come into play, anticipating the market and business cycles. And one more step, anticipating the demand that will be in our next promotion.

The goal: databases

As we have already commented, the gasoline that drives the algorithm is the data. Therefore, for a real estate developer it is vital to obtain all possible databases, both public and private, and diligently manage their own.

The union of external and internal data is what will give intelligence to machine learning analysis. Of course, it must be updated and relevant data ; once you have the numbers you can cross them to draw conclusions.

The future is to achieve an increasingly rapid update of the databases. In addition, to be able to detect inconsistencies or errors in these sources of information. Without forgetting how to optimize the processes that are applied.

Machine Learning on Facebook and Google

There are many ways to automate services in real estate. For example, chatbots are being used more and more. But a practical way to get started with prediction algorithms is with the Facebook and Google ad platforms. These tools apply their powerful algorithms when segmenting audiences and increasing sales.

That is, both the social network and the search engine understand that they must focus their commercial algorithms so that the buyer contacts the consumer who is most predisposed to acquire their service. It is so important that 80% of machine learning engineers in the US work in these two companies.

Smart Facebook audience classification

The optimization of ads on Facebook allow you to activate more efficient campaigns. Thanks to the fact that Mark Zuckerberg’s company also owns Instagram and Messenger, the algorithm decides to impact the application and at the time that guarantees the lowest price, and therefore, the lowest cost per lead . It also ensures that the content of the ad is relevant to the user and of their interest.

In order to get the best result, Facebook recommends doing A / B tests to find the ads with the highest conversion rate. This allows us to have control over your Big Data algorithm. It should be remembered that what has worked for one real estate ad campaign may not work for another.

Smart improvements in Google Ad Manager

In September 2018, Google announced that it would apply more artificial intelligence to serve its PPC ads. In other words, Google Ad Manager allows us to edit our ads in a more personalized way. For example, now you can add up to 15 headlines with 4 90-character descriptions to generate all kinds of combinations.

What are so many copies for? Easy, Google will learn the terms and the user’s search intention. In this way, when our ad appears, the search engine will deliver the conjunction between headline and description that is most likely to convert.

This novelty allows more real estate professionals away from digital marketing to start using this type of ads. In addition, it gives digital advertisers more time to better design their strategies.

In addition, Google has a beta function where the machine learning system itself generates ads automatically, optimizing the conversion to the extreme. In this way, campaign setup time is reduced by using it for more productive tasks.

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Copywriting For Real Estate: How To Create Sales-Oriented Texts

Would you be in a house with a beautiful but empty inside? Undoubtedly there are those who would accept the challenge, but others would run away. The same thing happens with a web page, if we do not take care of the texts, people will not enter and will not stay on the web. The way to be attractive on a page and have users stay and even buy is called copywriting.

Promoting the copywriting of your website is key to your success and reputation on the Internet

In this article we will talk about how to enhance your real estate website through the correct use of persuasive language or copywritting. Specifically, we will focus on the home page to improve sales and how to promote the ‘about’ section on your page to improve your web reputation.

On the Internet, the first impression that the user receives is the Home Page. It should establish the tone and personality of your Real Estate website as a whole and should serve as a guide for the user, in addition to that, technically, it is the page most crawled by search engines.

Thus, to create an optimized and updated Home, it is vital to know our business and know our ideal client. We have to know what our client’s needs are, what worries them, what motivates them to buy and what their fears are.

When a potential client enters a website or microsite with the intention of looking for a flat, they are not only looking for a flat but they are looking to see if you have a good image, if it is to be trusted, if you can give them what you need. This is why it is important that the Home Page, beyond being attractive, must be useful: it must convince the user that you are the best option when buying their next home.

‘Call to action’ buttons to increase conversion

Likewise, the interaction on the web page is important but to improve and qualify web traffic. Following the simile, is it easier to enter when you can only knock on the door or have access to an intercom?

In this way, a key procedure to improve conversions using copywritting is to insert texts and elements oriented to the call to action (CTA). These elements are intended to attract the attention of the users of your Real Estate website and turn them into end customers. In this way, it is recommended:

  • Use attractive messages on the buttons, not just a “send” or “click here.”
  • Put them in a good position
  • Create a design that focuses on conversion

At the end of the day, given so much offer on the Internet, the Home must answer – in less than a minute – all the questions that the user may ask . For example, questions like: What can you offer me? Are you trustworthy? What guarantees will I have?, Among many others.

How to write the ‘about’ page on a real estate website?

The “about” or “about us” page is one of the worst written and is one of the most visited pages. As it happens in the real world, talking about we, opening ourselves to the world is a forced act and not so simple, at least in most cases.

A frequent mistake in the section of ‘about us’ is to sin to speak, about us. At the end of the day, we are selling our properties and we must show you how it will improve the lives of users in some aspect. Clear questions must be answered such as: What problems will we solve for you? What solutions do we provide?

The style of writing about us should make the user of the real estate website feel at home; give you confidence and feel our respect. Not surprisingly, he is the epicenter of our website.

Do you want to improve the copywriting of your real estate website?

A design according to the offer on the web is as important as a writing style that highlights what we want to promote. Not surprisingly, your Home Page makes the first filter that readers reach.

Therefore, the message must be concise, clear and according to your ideal client. To do this, it is essential to target the target audience of each real estate development and analyze what their interests, strengths, concerns and weaknesses are.

Our message should serve as a unique selling / value proposition (USP). Thus, in a few words we must explain why you should be interested in our properties and not those of the competition. At the end of the day: What does my real estate offer that the rest do not?

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