How to create a website for real estate agents and realtors

Thinking of creating a website for you who are a freelance broker or for your real estate agency and don’t know where to start?

This is the definitive step-by-step guide for you to create a website for real estate agents or brokers and mark your online presence.

It is normal to be a little (or a lot) lost when you start an online business, as everything in life takes patience and perseverance. Over time you will learn a lot and may even become an expert. So stay calm with time and dedication, everything is easier and simpler.

Who is this article for?

First of all, this article is made for those who are just starting out (in digital marketing) and who want to take their real estate business to the next level. We have the mission to help you create a website for eye-catching brokers and real estate agents, and also have a system full of exclusive tools for you.

Second, we will convince you that a powerful website is one of the main ingredients for your success. There are “just” some of the benefits that a website can bring:

  • Broad customer reach – In Brazil, 90% of real estate searches start on the web.
  • Greater commercial value – In addition to displaying your ads, your website can educate and add additional value to your customers.
  • Most powerful personal brand – A website is the face of your business, it is made to share your business philosophy, introduce yourself to the crowd and show your experience.
  • Available 24/7 – There are no time zones and geographical limits on the Internet. Customers can leave messages whenever they want, without hesitation from anywhere in the world.
  • Digital Marketing Opportunities – From email marketing to social media sharing, you can experiment with various strategies and mindsets to achieve your goals.
  • Impact your customers and increase your sales – A beautiful photo, combined with a pleasant description creates humor and provokes the desire to buy.

Ready to create your website?

Getting started as fast as possible is the best way!

Starting a real estate website needs some considerations and commitments.

Before starting, there may be some questions in your mind, like, where to start? What to do when the site is up and running? How can you generate traffic and consequently leads for your real estate company? So, here is the step-by-step procedure on how to create a fully functional and complete website for brokers or real estate agents.

Register your domain name

Registering your domain is the first step to making your presence online

In short, the domain is the permanent address of your website (that text typed in the address bar), registered with the and managed by the internet management committee in Brazil .

All domains you access today have already been registered with the responsible registrar. In the same way that you are about to do.

Below are some general tips when choosing the name of your website

  • It is a good practice to opt for a site that can be registered with
  • The address must be simple and easy to remember. Try to keep it short and avoid hyphens.
  • Look for a meaningful name that represents your business, for example: “www.suaimobilá ” for a real estate company that serves the city of são paulo. (Illustrative example)
  • For brokers, for example: “ ” represents the website of a real estate agent who operates in the city of Rio de Janeiro. (Illustrative example)
  • Always consult the CRECI regulations of your region to keep up to date on the rules and good practices to be followed.

The domain requires an annual payment that can be made by boleto or credit card. The amount is paid directly to Check the price table here: home page

To register is very easy and self-explanatory:

  1. Access the
  2. Check domain availability.
  3. Once available, you will be taken to the registration screen.
    1. Otherwise, go back to step 2 and choose another name for your domain.
  4. Fill in with your personal details and make the payment according to the duration and form chosen.
  5. Keep your registration data (username and password) very well, they are your guarantee that the domain belongs to you and give you full access to the settings.

After the payment is confirmed, your domain is ready to be used, however, if you try to access it you will notice that nothing happens and an error message is displayed.

You already have a domain, but you don’t have anything published on it yet.

This happens because a domain is like empty land on an unpaved street. It is there and has great potential, however, with nothing built and no access roads. It’s time to change that.

This takes us to the next step…

Choose the perfect platform

The right platform will help you get started more assertively

After defining your domain name, you may have noticed that not much has happened.

Using the analogy that your new domain is a land on which a commercial room will be built. The time has come to build the property and pave the street so that people can easily reach your company.

In the first place it is necessary to pave the street and turn on the basic infrastructure. In the case of your domain, this is the time to point it to the server that will take care of the hosting.

A domain on the internet is like land ready to be built.

Then it is necessary to start to develop the plan and the foundations of the property. In the case of the domain, it is time to choose the platformtechnology and code of the website.

Finally it’s time to choose the architecture of the property, as well as details such as color and finishes. In your domain it is the same thing it is time to define the identity of your website, to put photostexts , descriptions , contact numbers among others.

What do you think? There are many steps, aren’t there?

Rest assured you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

So we will give you a tip that can save you time and money. Instead of starting from scratch at this stage, you can opt for a platform developed by those who work with websites for real estate and brokers for more than a decade.

The ImobiBrasil, for example, has all the tools that a real estate broker or need to start advertising your properties and projects as quickly as possible, without worrying about the technical part.

We also offer support via phonechat and whatsapp to make your entry on the internet even easier.

Check out the list of benefits you will have choosing ImobiBrasil:

  • More than 30 website templates for real estate and brokers
  • CRM with customer registration
  • Sales funnel
  • Documents
  • Integration with Portals (Zap, VivaReal, MercadoLivre, OLX among others)
  • No loyalty contract
  • No minimum length of stay
  • And much more!

We also offer 7 days for you to test the ImobiBrasil system for free. Do not waste time access the site by clicking here and start right now!

What to do now that my site is online

Now it’s time to work hard to make your site relevant!

When everything is right in the technical part of the domain it is time to define the appearance and content of your website.

Submit logo and set site title

If you already have a logo created just send it, if you don’t have it yet ImobiBrasil offers an exclusive creator where you can create the logo yourself quickly. So the first step in customizing your website is to upload the logo and then define the title of the website.

The site title appears on the taskbarin shortcuts when someone saves your site, and on Google. So choose well.

Change the model and choose the main colors

Now it’s time to choose a theme and change the colors of your website. It is important to focus on the following points so that the site is pleasant for your customers.

ImobiBrasil customers have more than 30 modern models to choose from

Use the right colors

Avoid using colors that do not contrast and can end up hindering the reading. Google identifies and may end up not displaying your site due to the colors. Opt for contrasting colors and avoid a very dark background.

Add your properties

Advertise and track the results of each property

The main moment has arrived – add your properties! It takes a lot of attention and dedication, because they will be the mirror of your business.

Work your photos well and capture the best angles, your customers will surely notice the difference and their conversions will grow.

Here are some tips on pictures of the property:

  • If taking pictures with your cell phone, avoid taking pictures with the device upright (standing). Reserve the photos vertically to post on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp Stories.
  • Enjoy natural lighting
  • Avoid forced filters whenever possible
  • Place watermark

Create and detail your property description as much as possible. Little information or a lack of basic data can alienate potential customers.

Some tips on the description of the properties:

Use the power of keywords in your writing, do a brief search on Google the way your client would do to find a particular property. Pay attention to the terms and write down the main ones, for example: house for rent, property ready to live, my house my life, accept financing. We explain in more depth here in this other article on SEO Positioning For Real Estate Brokers.

Value the location of the properties so that your customers feel at home. Showing the points of interest and leisure near the property will help you and your customers a lot. They will know that the property has a pleasant neighbor and will be more likely to contact you for a visit. If there are bars, restaurants, parks and schools nearby, be sure to mention.

Next steps

Now that your website is online and your properties are advertised, it’s time to improve your presence on the internet. At ImobiBrasil we highly value your growth and success, which is why all our materials are specially developed to help brokers and real estate agents to have greater visibility, better conversion and closing.

Below you can find a list of excellent content here on the ImobiBrasil blog with tips and guides that will surely make a difference in this step.


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