How To Generate Visibility In Real Estate Marketing

Often when we are preparing our marketing plan, the questions that a real estate marketing agency is asked the most is where to start and which way to go. So doubts arise, how can I create more visibility for my website? How can I generate more visits, leads and sales? or what are the most effective strategies to achieve my goals?

Those are the most frequent questions that Real Estate professionals ask themselves. It is not enough to create a web page with a good list of properties, that will not give you success, it is necessary to actively promote it .

It is important that you know effective strategies that help create a constant flow of visitors to your website, and that over time they become potential customers.

Visibility from external sites

The Internet has always been linked to the link between pages. For this reason, it is important to correctly manage how we are linked to our website, since it will give us notoriety in our real estate seo strategy and notoriety in the branding strategy.

You have to make sure that any information that appears in the media, on the internet, about your company is linked to your website. The most likely thing is that the first few times it is not like that, that is why it must be accompanied with a correct public relations strategy with different media and blogs.

A single call or email can make a difference. Similarly, you can ask experts in the field if they can write about your company on their pages.

You can send news and press releases to journalists and the media with relevant issues on the real estate market, strengthening collaboration with them and incidentally including a link to your website. You can also send them exclusive news.

Visibility from social media

Do you have a company blog? Visits can also be generated from here. In your posts, include links to the company’s main website, as well as featured properties or other sections that you think are worth highlighting and making them more visible.

In social networks there is a whole world of possibilities. Twitter, for example, is an excellent tool for sharing photos, relevant news from the real estate sector, updates on the subject and connecting with professionals in your sector … all always with a link to your website.

On Facebook you can use the same strategy, although thinking about the differences and behaviors of each social network.

You can even use social media platforms that are not considered so much in the strategy to generate links but they give visibility. This is the case of Linkedln. The content here will have to be more specialized in the sector, for example interesting market data or more professional content.

You can also participate within Linkedln in relevant groups for the industry and link to your website as a reference in the market .

Other actions to generate visibility

Email is another tool that you can exploit. You can send messages by e-mail to your database of potential clients with relevant news that you think could generate interest within an email marketing strategy . Don’t forget the direct link to your company’s website. Likewise, you can send a company newsletter from time to time.

In the offline world, you can also do some actions that have an impact on the online world. For example: Put the URL of the web in print ads. Any brochure should invite you to get more information through a link, as well as in advertisements or any type of advertising.

There are many ways to generate visibility for your website, however, it is a path that involves a lot of work and dedication, as well as creating a strategy that attracts potential buyers.

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Location Intelligence: How Technology Helps Find The Best Jobs In The Tertiary Sector

The location intelligence is the process used to find the best point where to install an office or commercial premises. The tertiary sector and the real estate world have always gone hand in hand; Furthermore, the role of Commercial Real Estate Tajarat properties is to locate the best places for its clients. In this article we will see how to improve the work of real estate professionals who specialize in professional spaces.

Get constantly informed in the tertiary sector

A demanding realtor assumes that it is impossible to know the market completely. Understand the value of information and that it changes and can fluctuate. Therefore, a company that is dedicated to finding the best commercial locations has to be up to date both in the news of the sector and in the area where it works.

Even once he gets the information on the real estate market he needs, the consultant must design a strategy and use the necessary tools so that the flow of news does not stop. In other words, the Commercial Real Estate market is volatile, and a responsible realtor must ensure that they have up-to-date information.

What is Location Intelligence?

Putting a pin on a flat map may not be the way a consultancy or real estate broker works. The map tool should be deeper than a list of street and neighborhood names. A truly professional representation of the terrain for CRE must incorporate all kinds of data such as geographic, demographic, ratios of educational and health centers, access roads, urban traffic density, travel time and so on.

In other words, the best square for an office or store does not only depend on the intersection of two streets on a map. Thanks to real estate Big Data techniques, a more complete appraisal of the value of a shopping plaza is achieved. Drawing a comprehensive plan with multiple dimensions is the only way to estimate the value of a particular retail space.

In other words, location intelligence allows obtaining and systematically analyzing information related, directly or indirectly, to the geographical environment, in order to produce useful knowledge for making decisions, defining strategies, planning them, developing and executing or carrying them out. .

Big Data and Real Estate for the future

On the other hand, the price of the place where to set up the physical store or the office has a direct relationship with the socioeconomic conditions of the barium, city or region. But, this monetary amount only serves for today, to predict how much it will cost in the future it is necessary to apply location intelligence.

With the needs of the inhabitants in a city or area, a territory can vary in price over the years. Fluctuations that can be measured by knowing the variants of that place. Big Data allows you to think in the long term but not by guessing the future, but decisions are made based on facts and verified data.

Let’s take an example, it is not the same to set up a toy store in a neighborhood with a low percentage of educational centers, than to open a toy store on an access road to an area with the highest ratio of primary schools in the city. Integrating data from different information sources in a single platform is the key to real estate success. In this article you can learn more about what are the benefits of Big Data in the real estate sector?

Find opportunities and better deals

Finally, the integrated and ordered information is useful to assess the value of a CRE property. But it also serves to detect points that are outside the market , possible opportunities that are not profitable now but if the neighborhood grows according to our interests, they will be an excellent alternative.

To locate these trends, a real estate agent must answer these three questions:

  • How attractive is the neighborhood for the tertiary sector?
  • How accessible is the property to the public or will it be in the future?
  • In what way will the neighborhood evolve?

By finding the answer to these three questions, the real estate consultant can find the best offers or opportunities in commercial points that are not currently on the rise . In other words, we can apply an intelligent real estate Geomarketing strategy to that area.

Tertiary Sector, Challenges And Technology In The Search For Offices For SMEs

Business opportunities in the real estate sector are not limited to finding spaces to live. One of the new challenges that Real Estate faces are rentals and sales for other activities, such as offices. The procedure is different and tends to be more complicated , so real estate companies like ruden enclave have to adapt to a new form of business.

For customers, the search process is unfamiliar, as it is not something that is done regularly from time to time, as it could be with a change of address, so it is natural that there are challenges during the purchase process. For this reason, it is important to know how to simplify it as much as possible and what to make the potential buyer’s experience easier.

The first thing that real estate companies that offer these alternatives have to be clear about is just that, that for potential clients looking for an office is not the same as looking for an apartment or a house. Fortunately, the use of technology is helping to make everything easier, expanding business opportunities and reaching more possible customers.

What are the challenges to face?

Typically, the first things business owners looking for offices think of is just the physical space they will occupy. Many times they do not know the process they have to follow in other factors that may affect the purchase, so this is where the good work of a Real Estate company specialized in Commercial Real Estate becomes important.

It is unlikely that a client will know, for example, the market price of office rentals or the times necessary to coordinate all those involved such as moving, discharge of services, furniture, so their expectations may be very high in initially and get discouraged after certain steps, which usually take several weeks, being longer than expected. Better time management is a field for improvement in which the real estate sector can rely on the use of technology.

There are applications that can help to better follow the customer in their purchase process , as well as calculate additional costs, which are rarely taken into account the first few times by buyers. It is the best way to avoid confusion, misinterpretations and wrong actions that later become a headache for the client and the Real Estate company.

For example, one of the most interesting applications are all those related to customer management and the sales process. An app based on a crm allows the user to know how the process of his new office is, what procedures and papers he needs, while for the real estate consultant it allows him to have control of all the states of the sale process.

The real estate digital transformation is being the driving force in CRE, a traditionally offline sector , based on visits and billboards on the street, is changing to an online / offline process, where mobile phones and search engines are taking center stage.


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