Is it time for your real estate company to adopt a crm?

Every self-employed or real estate broker has to deal with a huge amount of customer information. Information that can be in the form of: tables, paper notes, phone calls, contacts, etc.

With a myriad of data and information that is generated daily, in a short time, any spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets) or notebook (Agenda, Cash book) will become inefficient and difficult to deal with. To assist in understanding, check out the story of broker Marcos below:

Does Marcos need a CRM?

And you, need a CRM?

Marcos has been a real estate broker for 3 years and works mainly with houses and apartments for sale in Campinas. Marcos receives about 100 contacts from potential clients per week (we’ll call them leads from now on), each of these leads generate information about real estate preferences, phone numbers, location of keys, visit itinerary among other data and information that need to be stored and organized. He currently uses the following tools to store data and information:

  • Whatsapp conversations
  • Physical schedule
  • Google Calendar
  • Excel spreadsheets

Leads that are at the top of the sales funnel are filed in your Whatsapp and as the leads advance to the bottom of your sales funnel they will generate more data, more information and will be more and more spread out in spreadsheets, physical calendar pages and Google calendar events.

Reduce rework and manual tasks!

While Marcos is registering leads and creating entries in his Excel spreadsheets everything flows perfectly until he needs to answer something specific, for example, who are his clients who started a negotiation last week, but remain unanswered?

To answer this question, the arduous process of connecting your information bases begins.

  • Marcos first needs to check his history of archived WhatsApp messages.
  • Second, when you can’t find what you’re looking for, you need to pick up your physical diary and browse through notes.
  • Third, when you find a note in your calendar, you start searching your Excel spreadsheet looking for phones, contact names, interests and more.
  • Fourth, search your Google calendar for possible schedules.

Now imagine how much time Marcos spends a day doing consultations and looking for information? Time that could be used to attract new customers and close deals. Consequently, it is exactly at this point that a CRM shows its potential – organizing all the information of its customers and displaying them at the right time.

So let’s get to know more about the term CRM and how it can help you and your real estate agent.

The basics about CRM

CRM’s are part of our daily lives

Software based on the principles of “customer relationship management” in English “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) has been around for many years, however, only in the late 1990s did they start to be part of our daily lives. Moving to the present day, practically every contact you make with companies, whether online or offline, will have your data managed in some CRM software.

In a nutshell, a CRM helps brokers and real estate companies to manage their businesses efficiently and productively, minimizing the loss of time, all this coupled with personalization and improvement in each contact with the client.

CRM focused on the real estate market

Opt for a CRM dedicated to the real estate market

Returning to the real estate market, a modern CRM is designed to allow you to manage your business in a single location, both in the office and in the field, because your customers’ data is stored safely in the cloud. There are a multitude of software focused on CRM, but it is worth remembering, it is important to choose a tool dedicated to the real estate market. Using a dedicated tool you will have access to all the expertise of those who work especially with the real estate market. Going back to Marcos’ case, this translates into tailor made tools that will fit perfectly in the workflow.

Your customers’ database

Your customers are your most precious asset

A CRM groups all your customer data in one place, separated by logical topics that make it easier for your customers to serve you. Then you will have all your properties, customers, leads, negotiations and more in one place with easy access.

Using a CRM, brokers can stay organized, find properties compatible with search profiles and communicate with potential customers, whether new or old.

In less than 1 minute Marcos can create search profiles and find the right property for the right client.

Compatible properties

As we mentioned in the previous topic, using a modern CRM you can create search profiles for each of your customers.

Search profiles are a list of requirements that are automatically processed by crossing the desired requirements with your real estate base and finally finding perfect results.

Help your customers make their dreams come true.

At ImobiBrasil you have access to the compatible real estate tool that makes your brokers’ work much easier.

Create unique search profiles for each customer!

With the tool you can find the ideal property in a few clicks, save the properties that your client liked most, and even send them by e-mail so that he can evaluate them.

Want to send the perfect property to your client’s email? With ImobiBrasil this is very easy!

Remember, each customer can have multiple profiles of compatible properties! You are waiting for what to start enchanting your customers with increasingly assertive suggestions.

Sales funnel

A funnel helps you gain insights from your customers’ buying journey.

A sales funnel helps brokers guide leads on their buying journey and provides important information about customer behavior at each stage.

In general, a sales funnel is a visual representation of the customer journey. As in a marketing funnel, a typical sales funnel is wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. This means that contacts are gradually filtered into qualified leads and converted customers as they progress through their buying journey.

There are three main phases of the sales funnel:

  • Top of the sales funnel: This is the stage of recognition and discovery, where your lead tries to learn more about the process of buying or renting the property.
  • Middle of the sales funnel: This is the stage when your qualified lead is researching solutions according to your intention.
  • Bottom of the sales funnel: At this stage, the potential customer consciously and informedly decides whether or not to make the purchase.

Integration with portals

Worry about your work and leave the manual tasks with CRM

Have you ever thought about having to register your properties every time you want to publish them on an ad portal? For example, you have a portfolio of 10 properties that are advertised on your social networks and website. Sometime later you end up hiring a paid plan and start advertising on OLX, at that moment it is necessary that the properties are registered individually, on the platform. Now let’s suppose you go further and start advertising on MercadoLivre and ImóveisWeb. Well, at this point you will need to replicate and keep your ads up to date in 4 different locations.

In this scenario, a CRM assists brokers and real estate agents by integrating and synchronizing their properties on all compatible platforms. So you can save time to make contacts and sales.

Bonus: Check out the Hub Imobiliário podcast with the participation of ImobiBrasil

The theme of the tenth edition of the Hub Imobiliário podcast was digital real estate transformation. This fully fits into the theme of this article, having addressed the main elements that make CRM important for real estate and brokers.

Denis Levati, Kariny Martins and Bruno Gomes received the service design head from Agência Cupola, Alice dos Santos and the founders of the Imobi Brasil software, Fábio Jacinto and Matheus Poletto.

Listen below in full:

Do you already know ImobiBrasil?

The ImobiBrasil, for example, has all the tools that a real estate broker or need to start advertising your properties and projects as quickly as possible, without worrying about the technical part.

We also offer support via phonechat and whatsapp to make your entry on the internet even easier.

Check out the list of benefits you will have choosing ImobiBrasil:

  • More than 30 website templates for real estate and brokers
  • CRM with customer registration
  • Sales funnel
  • Documents
  • Integration with Portals (Zap, VivaReal, MercadoLivre, OLX among others)
  • No loyalty contract
  • No minimum length of stay
  • And much more!


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