News And Trends In Digital Real Estate Marketing In 2019

We are already starting a new year, but the sale of real estate developments is still as competitive as the previous January.

That is why in this article we will review the four trends that are bidding at the beginning of 2019 and that have already grown at the end of 2018. With these digital marketing techniques users will be able to surprise users and achieve the desired conversion.

Is there social commerce in the real estate sector?

For years, social networks have been introducing sales elements. However, despite the criticism that said transformation would be the end of social platforms, they already apply direct sales techniques with success.

For example, Instagram Shopping has opened the ban , and is currently the fastest growing social network. Therefore, the commercial future of Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter is more than clear.

Now, it is true that at the moment you cannot sell an apartment on Facebook, time to time, but if we can make a reservation for example. What is a reality are live streams or Virtual Reality to present apartments that social networks allow

They are imaginative ways for a real estate professional to get closer to the target audience. That is, a way to appropriate the social platform to impact the target.

Achieve success through programmatic video

Programmatic advertising has not stopped growing since 2017. The concept that advertisers buy audience and not advertising spaces, as is traditional, has given a complete turn to digital advertising.

Well, video is uploaded to the programmatic environment and already at the end of 2018 it has been consolidated with great force, thanks to its high conversion rates . The characteristics of this type of advertising make the videos irresistible. These are its basics:

  • Power of segmentation (being within the programmatic system)
  • Higher profit margin (since only the target audience is impacted and the non-interested audience is not invested)
  • Ability to retain loyalty (videos that not only attract, but also generate attraction on the part of the user who sees it)

With all this, how can programmatic video be applied to real estate? The answer lies in segmenting the audience interested in Real Estate in a specific location as much as possible and showing them videos about it.

What kind of videos? The ideal is to tell stories that interest and connect with users. In this article on video trends we look at the different types:

  • Virtual tours
  • Testimonials
  • About the neighborhood or the city
  • Update of the real estate market in a specific area
  • About the work of a building

Visual Search: much more than searching in images

The true Internet giant, Google, has done its best to improve image searches . The California company knows very well that a picture is worth a thousand words and they are developing technology in this direction.

The Visual Search is defined in looking for images instead of written words . That is, we change from the paradigm of asking keywords in Google to inquiring through photographs or clippings of them.

And why is Visual Search important? The answer is that the search engine tries to imitate our brain . When we visually search our portfolio by tracking a specific credit card, we also do Visual Search. That is, if our Real Estate company delivers the right product that the user wants, the user will select it, speeding up the entire purchase process.

In addition, Google Images, after Google Search, is the second most used search engine, ahead of YouTube, Bing or Amazon.

Every year is the year of neuromarketing

Leaving the digital advertising of the real estate sector Tajarat poperties and embracing marketing in full, neuromarketing every year is the last frontier. In itself, it is the study of the motivations of a purchase.

That is, to get to understand the process that the user goes through to make a decision. To better understand the path that the buyer takes, the customer journey must be designed according to the user’s experience.

The usability of a website is the key to success, if the user knows where to go, and what’s more, if our real estate website meets their expectations, half the job will be done.

The Importance Of Knowing Your Audience: Targeting In Real Estate

The real estate market is there. Having a home is a goal for any citizen and as such, it can become directly a potential client of a developer.

That is why segmenting your audience based on the characteristics of your Real Estate promotion is essential to locate and focus your marketing actions towards the ideal potential client, either due to characteristics, purchasing power or for other reasons.

In fact, the real estate marketing mix involves mixing a segmentation according to your ideal audience with actions based on their interests – taking into account their technological level. Having a real estate development in the center of a secondary city is not the same as having a luxury product on the outskirts.

From mass marketing to targeting

In recent years, the introduction of segmentation tactics in the real estate market has made it possible to move from mass marketing to targeting , which allows concrete actions to attack your ideal audience

The first step is, therefore, to identify your audience, who can be the target of your Real Estate promotion, what characteristics it has, what purchasing power it has and, above all, where it can be convinced.

In this way, your real estate developer will be able to divide the company’s audiences into interest groups – each one with its characteristics – and apply some actions or others according to its marketing strategy.

Thus, your team will be able to more easily identify each market niche and exploit it, optimizing your marketing department and your actions for the benefit of the Real Estate promotion.

These aspects must be taken into account:

  • What age segment is your ideal buyer?
  • What socio-economic level do you have
  • What lifestyle do you have
  • What acceptance to new technologies
  • What interests you

First step: a real estate CRM

It is useless to know your ideal client but you can segment and classify them according to the campaigns and actions that you are going to carry out. That is why it is essential to have a professional database:

That is why various technology consulting firms have already developed CRM systems – customer control management – to be able to integrate all company processes and thus optimize company information.

With a real estate CRM, all the sections of your Real Estate, from sales, quality to human resources, will have access to business management and thus improve the information flows of your real estate company.

The incorporation of Custom Relationship Management will not only improve internal processes, but will also be a useful tool to integrate all sales processes , from former clients, potential clients or property management.

Second step: custom actions

Once you have segmented your potential client and established the annual budget to promote your Real Estate, it is time to publicize your product based on the following aspects:

New technologies: keep in mind that each audience is special . It is not the same to promote your product through Twitter / Instagram, than to do it, for example, through virtual reality.

Website: it is essential to have a website that explains who we are, what we do and above all, what distinguishes us from our competition. At the end of the day, the web is the reflection of what the client will think of you.

SEO positioning: today Google is the great way to access potential customers. It is for this reason that it is essential to control our content on networks and optimize them.

Landing pages to convert: our website must meet the minimum user experience (UX) to get the user to convert on our page.

Are you interested in knowing your target audience and thus optimizing your marketing plan? In that case, leave a comment below with your thoughts. In addition, share with other professionals in the real estate sector.

Real estate marketing trends in 2019

The real estate marketing is a constantly changing world, so knowing and take advantage of future trends is important to improve our investments. Blue world city islamabad bring you the real estate marketing trends that are already present in many campaigns and have come to stay throughout this year.

Some trends will have a strong impact in the coming years, such as the mobile web, so it is important to adapt as soon as possible to be able to take 100% of our campaigns. Others are booming, such as automation or artificial intelligence, which will give us a competitive advantage over other companies.

Advanced marketing campaigns

Marketing actions have a global impact on our strategy. An Adwords campaign can increase our organic traffic by 30% without doing SEO actions, or an advertising campaign on Facebook can shoot the database of clients that we have.

It does not make sense to talk about separate marketing campaigns , such as seo, sem, display, video, … but they must be approached within a global strategy.

The clearest example is remarketing. We can do an email marketing campaign, which, supported by a remarketing campaign, can improve the registration of our database. Thinking of an advertising campaign separate from an email marketing action will most likely fail.

Instead, thinking these actions in combination will give us the results we expect.

Another example is selecting and improving our contacts, which is known as lead scoring.

If we have carried out a marketing advertising campaign to obtain leads, we can send those leads who have visited our website several times by email the possibility of signing up for a preferential list with their phone, or booking an appointment.

If we do not think about the joint action of lead – web – visits, this type of action, which generates a value enhancing client, would not be possible.

What is the difference compared to a multichannel action?

A multichannel action carries the same message, adapting to the medium where it will appear, but at the end of the day it is the same message.

An advanced action is adapted using one or several channels at the same time, depending on its status, sales process, type of lead, etc.

It is a much more advanced action, but focused on seeking and achieving quality objectives, instead of going in a general way as in a typical multichannel action.

High-performance mobile web

Google has been warning us for years that it will change seo search results favoring those pages that work well on mobile, penalizing those old pages that are not optimized for mobile or that still use old technologies such as flash.

As of the beginning of 2018, this change in trend took effect and is already affecting many real estate pages.

This change implies that Google will look at the mobile version of the website, so we must be sure that our quality content, images and videos are displayed correctly in the mobile version for Google to index it.

Google Speed ​​update

In July 2018, the loading speed of a website began to be a positioning factor in mobile searches, which currently corresponds to 60/70% of the total.

Speed ​​has been a ranking factor in computer searches since 2010. This change will be implemented progressively, penalizing slower websites first, but you have to be prepared for this change.

These changes are not arbitrary, but correspond to a Google strategy to, apart from improving your bottom line, improving usability and conversion on each website.

Artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in advertising is something that is beginning to take its first steps, but we can already have powerful tools.

One of them is the possibility of looking for people similar to those who have bought us previously , for example, a certain luxury promotion.

By analyzing the online behavior of these users who have bought from us, we can obtain an audience similar to those who interest us, and impact them through online advertising segmented to them, since we know that it has worked before.

Not only can we search for similar ones in the area where we sold our promotion, but we can also search other areas or countries.


Automation saves us time and money on repetitive tasks.

The tools of marketing automation allow us to be in touch with our potential consumers segmented and customized to your needs.

Automation allows you to carry out from the simplest tasks, such as sending a notification text to people who have a sales appointment booked, to more complex tasks, such as sending a promotion by email depending on the type of promotions you have visited an user.

Another advantage is that we can integrate this automation with other platforms, not only is a website automated, but we can use combinations of landings, email microsites, … carrying out more complex automatic processes.


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