Realtor’s day – why follow the profession?

Participate in a consolidated branch full of growth opportunities. This is to be a broker properties. Even with the uncertainties that the market sometimes puts in question for those who live in Brazil, selling real estate remains very advantageous for professionals who have a love for what they do and seek to keep updated.

The number of people who are interested in the career is increasing. “Independence” can be one of the factors that are linked to this great demand. Being a real estate agent is a chance to build a good professional career and develop skills with people management and business vision.

Reasons to be a realtor

Flexible time
For those who like to work in alternative hours and have a more flexible schedule, being a realtor can be a great option because of freedom. However, it is worth knowing that the good broker always keeps himself busy, especially when his prospects increase. The advantage is that the professional can organize his agenda in the way he sees fit.

Financial gains
One of the factors that serves as an attraction for the profession of real estate broker is the financial gain. With love and dedication, a successful broker can get 30% to 40% commission from a real estate company. Independent brokers also have their advantages and can receive up to 6% commission on the value of a sale.

There is no maximum age
For such a career, age is not a factor that can hinder the professional. Just as developers and builders seek to serve a wide range of people in their projects, there will always be a niche that will accept your profile.

Expansion of technical knowledge
In addition to mediating the sale and purchase of real estate, the realtor needs to understand a little about other areas that circulate in this type of service. The legal, marketing, economics, technology, financial market and many others areas have technical and relevant information. That is, in addition to dealing with dreams, the broker is an eternal apprentice.

To continue this spiral of growth and knowledge, there are many free channels with which professionals can learn and update themselves, quickly and simply, standing out from other workers in the same niche. VivaCorretor, channel of the VivaReal real estate portal, is a good example of where the realtor can update himself, presenting videos, posts and other content.

Daily motivation
If you are the person who wakes up every day with the desire to win and help people, being a realtor is the ideal profession for you. These professionals are great dream-makers, absorbing it as great personal victories.

The real estate agent accumulates exciting stories throughout his career and, in almost all cases, is recognized for that. Hardly anyone who has this feeling of fulfilling someone else’s wish leaves the profession.

Network of contacts
The realtor meets new people every day and needs to exchange information with them to understand the needs and profiles of their clients. Whoever follows this career has an immense network of contacts: fellow brokers, real estate agents, clients, prospects – account or contact who is interacting to negotiate whether or not they will really become a client – collaborators and developers.

Main challenges for the realtor
The broker’s activities go far beyond just selling real estate. For this and other reasons, he has to face some challenges in his routine:

Contract closing time
Those who sell or intend to sell real estate must be fully aware that such negotiation requires patience, since it involves a lot of bureaucracy and demands a certain amount of time from the professional and the people involved. From the request to search for the property to the delivery of the keys, many things can happen and delay the completion of the sale / rental.

Unveiling the customer
Especially at the beginning of the negotiation, people are still discovering their wants and needs, so the broker must almost play a detective role, choosing the right questions to analyze the customer’s profile. Each business is a new battle for the realtor, since there are extroverted, introspective, demanding, reserved consumers, and all of this can influence the way the professional should act.

Know the product you sell and the region in
which you work the professional who sells real estate must know the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of your product. Knowing the size of the property, what it can offer and giving information about the neighborhood, are also important factors to help clarify the prospects’ doubts.

In addition to knowing the characteristics of the residences, brokers must know how to talk about the region in which they operate and the location of the properties, including the neighborhood public, facilities offered in the region, such as schools, markets, pharmacies, bakeries, bus stops, subway line, between others.

Symbol of the realtor
Many do not know, but the profession of broker is represented by the hummingbird, known as the Brazilian hummingbird.

This relationship was established by the similarity of intermediating extremely important actions: the hummingbird in nature and the broker in the lives of people who are looking for a property. Like the hummingbird, the broker has a big heart, which results in its great resistance. For this reason, the broker feels love and dedication for what he does, helping people in their searches for the residence that best matches the needs of each family.

In addition, the hummingbird (or hummingbird) is also used as a symbol of luck, good weather, happiness and joy. These are characteristics that must always be present in the daily life of the broker, who must focus on his target and be motivated to fight the recurring battles.

Being a broker is not so easy, but the profession must be valued and recognized among people, since one day we will all need to buy or rent a home. On this day of the realtor, we wish a lot of success to all current and future professionals in the area, that all their dreams can come true. After all, nothing is fairer for those who spend all their time fulfilling the dreams of others.

Are you or want to be a broker? Comment for us what motivates you to continue in the profession or tell a funny situation that happened in one of your negotiations.


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