Seo for real estate agents and brokers: 10 strategies to position and generate leads

More than ever, potential customers turn to the internet to search for properties, negotiate with real estate agents, and talk to brokers and close deals. In addition, more and more buyers at the beginning of the property purchase journey consider the website of the real estate agent or broker to be the most important and reliable tool for seeking information and making decisions.

According to a survey by “SPC Brasil”, 9 out of 10 Brazilian consumers research on the internet before making any negotiations.

Such data leads us to the question, how to make my website the best result and be on the first page of Google? The answer is simple, SEO comes from the English “S earch E ngine O ptimization”, which in free translation means Search Engine Optimization. And this leads us to a new question…

Ready to take off? Stay with us and we’ll explore each strategy in detail!

But what is SEO and how does it help brokers and real estate?

Content, content and more content, this is the main strategy to improve your positioning.

In practice, it is improving the ability of certain web content to perform well in organic searches (which are unpaid advertisements) from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

There are a large number of strategies and processes that can be adopted to obtain SEO results. Some strategies are, build original content with quality, optimize keywords, share your properties on social networks and improve your local positioning. In common, all of these methods were designed to help a website, web page or set of pages gain more visibility and visits.

Every year we see more research and studies pointing to the vigorous growth of online searches for properties. With so many opportunities to generate business online, brokers and real estate agents cannot afford to miss out on this valuable traffic. For the real estate industry, SEO is more important than ever!

Read on and find out how you can optimize your website to generate more leads and close deals. We also include an exclusive list of 8 SEO myths that you have to avoid in order for your site to be found.

Of importance for Local Marketing and Grow in your Region

Google favors natural searches! Focus on specific searches to generate qualified leads.

Have you thought about what happens when your client searches for a property in your city, for example, [Apartment for Sale in Presidente Prudente in Jardim Petrópolis], but your website has little information, low number of registered properties, simplified detailing, identical descriptions in different properties and other points that deserve improvement. If you answered that he is not found, unfortunately he was right.

For these reasons, local search is powerful for brokers and real estate agents, which means that if your business is not optimized for local search, you could lose a lot of your potential customers. In short, local marketing is critical if you want your results to remain relevant.

In summary to be successful in local searches, you need to follow all the tips in this matter, we know that this is laborious and takes time, but it is entirely possible to succeed with focus and perseverance. Stay with us and we’ll explore each strategy in detail.
Now returning to the strategies, your first step is…

Create a Google My Business profile

In Google My Business you still have several usage and reach statistics.

Google My Business is today the greatest authority when it comes to local search. The business profile helps you appear on Google at the most valuable moments, that is, when customers are looking for your real estate or services that you offer on Google Search and Google Maps.

The process to create your profile on Google my business is very simple and straightforward.

  1. Click here and go to the Google my business page
  2. You can use your Google account to create your Profile
  3. Verify your business ownership by phone, SMS, or by sending a Google postcard.
  4. Fill in the data with as much detail as possible.

Create Unique and Valuable Content: Promote Properties You Want to Sell

Brokers and real estate agents can represent hundreds of real estate ads at the same time, and undoubtedly, some ads stand out either by commission, value, target audience or are new ventures. And a way to increase traffic for these specific ads, that of course, in addition to giving the standard ad for the property or enterprise to write posts on your blog, create news directly on your website or create an exclusive hotsite .

Each post, regardless of the medium, must segment the address, provide the strengths, main characteristics, payment methods and conditions offered. Always take into account the perspective of how a potential customer will search for a specific property on Google.

As for the content itself, there is no magic number of words or keyword density. Try to create at least 200 ~ 300 words of exclusive content that describe the features of the property, in addition to the standard description. Research indicates that well positioned sites have the word count in this range.

Create Engagement Using Photos and Videos

Having quality photos is the basics for any successful ad. But why stick to the basics?

There is no excuse! Photos and videos are the main means of creating engagement on the internet, but this is even truer for a real estate website. Having quality photos is the basics for any successful ad. But why stick to the basics – prospective buyers love to watch a video tour inside their future homes. In addition to the video tour on the property itself, consider using panoramic videos of the surroundings and strengths of the neighborhood.

What if you want to go beyond the conventional video tour? – For this purpose there is a virtual tour – it works like Google’s Street View feature, allowing its customers to naturally walk around the property. The tool undoubtedly generates enchantment and the wow factor! On customers. It is worth mentioning that – the functionality has higher costs, requires specific equipment and a dedicated platform to host your tour.

Your Site Needs a Mobile Version

Statistics do not lie and show us that property buyers are searching more and more on their mobile devices. And according to a survey by SPC Brasil – 74% of Internet users use cell phones in at least one purchase stage – . That is why it is important that your website is prepared to receive visits from cell phones. Here are some data made available by Google on the subject

SPC Brasil – 74% of Internet users use cell phones in at least one purchase step –

When his website is accessed on a mobile device, he hopes to get what he wants quickly. He wants to know your services better and decide if it is interesting for him or not.

Creating a website for mobile devices means focusing on simple, clear navigation that takes people to what they’re looking for quickly. Wanna know more about? Google has a topic dedicated to those questions.

Be Authority in Your Niche Building BackLinks

First let’s go to what is a BackLink – Basically it is a link that a website gets from another website. BackLinks have an impact on the authority of a website and consequently on the results. That is why they are considered to be very useful for improving the SEO ranking of a website.

BackLinks impact the authority of a website

So if BackLinks are so important do I need to have as many links to my site as possible on the internet? Yes and no. Links to your website should occur naturally, this means that a website should not use artificial ways to create links to its own websites. Always remember – The quality of the links is much more important than the quantity.

Now that you know what a backlink is and why it is useful for your ranking , it’s time to show you how to build them.

Being in the real estate market you are already in front of most businesses!

If you want the content on your site (real estate, materials, pages, etc.) to be shared – have interestingquality and exclusive content. Because you are in the real estate market you are already in front of most businesses, you have your real estate portfolio which in itself is an excellent sharing material.

For example, when the link to some property or material on your site is shared on other sites it gains a vote of confidence. Indicating that your site is interestingreliable and deserves to be accessed . Therefore, the more of these “votes” you have, the higher your website will be ranked on Google and other search engines.

Use Social Media to Your Favor

Before choosing which social network to focus on, do some research and find out where your customers are most socially active.

When it comes to reaching potential customers, social networks are a great way to start relationships or strengthen existing ones. A real estate agent with a strong presence on social networks can interact with clients instantly on: FacebookLinkedin , Instagram and Whatsapp . Before choosing which social network to focus on, do some research and find out where your customers are most socially active. The real estate sector is all about relationships.

When your potential customers know you and discover a healthy and professional presence on social media, it signals confidence. As photos and videos are essential components in the sale of real estate, Instagram is a very useful platform for realtors. On Facebook, use groups in your city or in a specific niche. For commercial real estate, developments or technical posts use Linkedin and benefit from the authority of the social network. And remember, regardless of the platform use hashtags.

Advertise on real estate portals and use real estate integration

Real estate portals receive a lot of traffic and have a lot of authority, so it is worthwhile to be listed on them.

ZAP, a Grupo Globo company, operates throughout Brazil.

Check below a list of the main real estate portals in Brazil, ImobiBrasil has integration with all this and several other regional portals. Check out the full list here.

  1. VivaReal [paid]
    It is a network of real estate portals that operates in the United States and Latin America for the purchase, sale and rental of real estate. This portal is paid, and the disclosure is made when requested by the customer.
  2. ImovelWeb [paid]
    Brazilian property disclosure portal, one of the most traditional in Brazil, since it has been in the market since 1999. This portal is paid, and the disclosure is made when requested by the client.
  3. Zap Imóveis [paid]
    ZAP, a Grupo Globo company, operates throughout Brazil. This portal is paid, and the disclosure is made when requested by the customer.
  4. OLX [paid]
    OLX operates throughout Brazil publishing classified ads in general and real estate on the Internet.
  5. Mercado Livre [paid]
    Classifieds portal in general with operations throughout Brazil. This portal is paid, and the disclosure is made when requested by the customer.
  6. Mitula [Free – Weekly Publication]
    Free dissemination portal, present in more than 37 countries, including Brazil.

Brazilian property disclosure portal, one of the most traditional in Brazil, as it has been in the market since 1999

There is a lot of qualified traffic and buyers really interested in real estate portals. A hint! Do not waste time and enjoy the integration with portals that ImobiBrasil offers. In short, it works like this – after being registered, the client informs us of the portals that have a plan for integration, after everything is right with the portal, just register your properties on our platform and they are automatically sent to the portals you have active integration. In other words, you gain much more time to serve your customers and close deals!

Analysis of Visits to Understand Your Client

Understand the behavior of users of your website and application to better evaluate the performance of marketing, content, products and more.

Google Analytics is a free service that helps you get the most value from your website. With all that it has to offer, it certainly takes time to become familiar with the platform and use it properly. However, if you start with the basics – check out this quick guide to get started with Google Analytics now – you can step by step increase your knowledge. Here’s the tip! It is worth every second invested, because the information you extract from Google Analytics can help you improve your marketing , better serve your target audience and generate more customers .

Technological Tools: Delight your Customers

5 indispensable tools for brokers and real estate agents

Your website is already an excellent tool to manage business and impact customers. But it should not be the only one, knowing this we put together a list here on the blog indicating, the 5 indispensable tools for brokers and real estate agents. We are sure that they will add a lot to your day to day.

(Bonus) 5 real estate SEO myths that you should avoid at all costs in 2020

Real estate SEO myths that you should avoid at all costs

More links are better than more content

In the beginning of search engines around 2002 ~ 2008, building as many links as possible without analyzing the domain where these links are was how SEO normally worked. In doing so, your site would get a higher ranking. Link building is still a very important part of the ranking factors. And it is among the top five most important ranking factors. But the way you create links today is very different.

Nowadays, it is important to focus on the quality of the links you are getting, not the quantity. In this market, less can be more if you know how to create quality links.

Focus on link quality

Some real estate agents and brokers may turn to a company or professional to build links, but pay attention, most of them focus on the quantity of links and not on their quality. And it turns out – having a lot of links is no longer a game where the highest number wins. Far from it, in fact. You should focus on having relevant and diverse sources that link to relevant pages (industry blogs, news pages, real estate portals, etc.).

Now the other side of the coin, when you invest in content , that content can be used for pages, blog posts, real estate ads on your site and ads on other sites – that is, all types of content that will bring more links to over time.

SEO is just about improving positions on Google

There is a strong relationship between positioning in search results and click-through rates, but it is another myth that used to be absolute truth, but today it is no longer so.

Positioning does not guarantee success – now we have well detailed positioning and properties, with high quality images, descriptions focused on your audience and exclusive materials. This combination of strength does for your website and allows you to compete. Imagine the following, even if you can rank very well, be in the first results, getting a large volume of traffic and still not generate a business.

Keywords that I define will help in the positioning of your site

Keywords that you define will NOT help with the positioning of your site

Let’s be direct – Keywords defined by the site itself are useless!

And this is not something recent, more than 10 years ago, in September 2009, Google officially announced: “Google does not use the keyword meta tag in positioning”.

Well now that you know, let’s be specific.

This element we mentioned, the “meta tag”, is invisible to your visitors, but visible to search engines. In the specific case of the “Keyword meta tag”, it was functional at the beginning of the internet (1995 ~ 1999) to be used as a ranking factor by search engines.

So how will Google know what my site is about, what properties do I sell, what city do I operate in, what properties do I have for sale in the “x” neighborhood if I don’t say so? Simple, he already knows by analyzing the content of your page. Want to know more about how he does it, take a look at this article.

It is important to note that the Meta keyword has nothing to do with the keyword strategy, the latter in turn is the natural occurrence of words in the content of your site.

Filling my site with keywords will improve its positioning

This is another myth that needs to be combated, the abuse of keywords (Keyword Stuffing). Many sites still think it is a good idea to have identical matching keywords spread around. There is only one caveat – it is healthy – and necessary – to have your keywords in critical areas of your page, such as title, meta-descriptions, H1s and H2s.

However, repeating the same keyword throughout a page will result in you being penalized. So, don’t do that.

Keywords must be an exact match

Again in the past, when you searched for an exact keyword, for example [houses for rent] or [houses for rent] different results from different sites would appear. In our example you must have realized that the intention is the same, the person wants to rent real estate. And this is quite obvious for us humans, for computers this task is very difficult.

Until 2018, Google made major changes to the way that exact keyword results are displayed. They now correspond to what Google considers to have the same meaning, regardless of the words being used.

Ready to take a new look at the real estate market?

Now it’s time to act!

We have reached the end of the article and hope that the strategies will serve as a basis for improving its positioning, its content and, most importantly, generating business!

Now it’s time to act!

Share in the comments what strategies or tools you have used and how the results went. If you haven’t used, tell us which ones you will apply first!


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