Red Oak Flooring

Red Oak Flooring

Looking for the best Red Oak Flooring installer in New Jersey?

When most people think of oak hardwood flooring, red oak styles come to mind. This classic hardwood boasts light golden to pink coloring with reddish tones. It is beloved for its wide grain pattern and for the unique variations in this pattern. Unlike some hardwoods, red oak boasts a rustic air while still holding classic appeal. It performs well in both historic and contemporary homes. It is a wonderful option for homeowners who are looking to install durable and beautiful wood flooring.

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Homeowners who choose red oak can complement this beautiful flooring with furnishings, upholstery and draperies that pick up on its warm tones. Its reddish hue makes it perfect for use in areas with fireplaces and other warm lighting. Red oak is available in a variety of board widths, but 3 1/4 inch boards tend to be the most popular with today’s consumers.


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Our hardwood specialists go above and beyond to provide outstanding services so we will be the hardwood floor installer you choose for any future flooring needs. Red oak flooring is the most common hardwood flooring installed throughout North America. We use the best products and provide expert installation services for your home. Contact us to learn more about our red oak flooring options.