The 10 best real estate sites you need to know

When it comes to websites for real estate and brokers, the presentation of the content is essential to help establish trust and build credibility with potential clients and investors.

And one of the best ways to increase the online presence of your ads is to create a dedicated real estate website that is easy to use, pleasant to look at, and that contains well-organized information.

It is a fact that a beautiful and well-organized real estate website makes the first and most important impression to help differentiate your ads from the rest.

With that in mind we have compiled a list of the 10 best websites for real estate that we are sure will inspire your next step in the digital market.

And remembering … no matter your segment (residential, commercial, rural) or end customer (buyers, owners, investors) a quality website combined with an intelligent marketing strategy will bring good results.

1. ZIAG Imóveis

Ziag Imóveis, located in São Luis / MA, has a responsive website with a modern design that values ​​the transparency of information.

Focused on the speed of navigation, your customers can navigate through the different real estate segments with just a few clicks.

Another interesting feature addressed by the real estate company is the use of quality images and rich texts that enhance its properties.

2. GM Investimentos Imobiliários

GM Real Estate Investments Home

The GM Real Estate Investments started its activities in 2016 aimed at building its history in the real estate market Presidente Prudente and region, solid, reliable and durable.

This is a real estate company active in the market, with a solid track record and excellent negotiations.

Mobile version listing a quick search.

The GM Investments website is no different from its commercial presentation, it has responsive navigation and a model in the catalog format that encourages the viewing and sharing of properties.
3.  Sign Real Estate

Assina Imobiliária home page

Assina Imobiliária started its activities in 2017 aiming to build its history in the Aracaju real estate market, in a solid, reliable and lasting way.

The website has easy navigation and intuitive listings, being able to easily filter categories and purposes according to the need.

4. Rossi Imóveis

Rossi Imóveis home page has fluid navigation and pleasant layout of the properties.

The  Marcio ROSSI Real Estate  is a real estate and started its activities in 2012 aimed at building its history in the real estate market of Erechim, solid, reliable and durable.

It has a modern website that adapts perfectly to the different niches that the real estate company works with.

5. José Lima Realtor

The broker José Lima started his activities in 2016 in the city of Farroupilha municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The broker’s website has several visual elements that help in the unique identification of its presence in the region. It also has a customer service button via whatsapp and a selection of properties featured on the home page.

6. VKX Construtora

The  VKX Construction  started their ventures in 2013 aimed at building its history in the construction market Curitiba Paraná state.

This is the first construction company to appear on our list and shows that regardless of the segment, a website for real estate is a great ally in the disclosure of real estate developments.

7. Yuri Bravo Realtor

Broker Yuri Bravo makes it very clear on his website the importance of technological tools for the growth and development of the real estate sector.

We work with properties spread over the main cities of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the State of Florida (USA). 

We are digital. Our online platforms optimize time and simplify the work process. Both for you and for our company. So there is time to talk more calmly and have a good coffee.  

The real estate website used by the broker has a clean and optimized design to be quickly opened on computers and smartphones.

8. CONCRETTIZE Imobiliária

CONCRETTIZE Imobiliária home page

CONCRETTIZE Imobiliária started its activities in June 2014 aiming to build its history in the real estate market in Itajaí Santa Catarina.
Description extracted from the real estate website CONCRETTIZE.

Even though he is still “young”, it is a real estate firm made up of excellent professionals – with experience, whether in the real estate industry or even in the commercial sector, also counting on a complete history and excellent negotiations. Ethics, professionalism and transparency are essential in the real estate market, characteristics present in our real estate! 

9. Habtare Imóveis

Página uses colors and fields very well to provide a unique experience to its customers.

Habtare Imóveis operates in Sumaré, a municipality in the state of São Paulo, its website for real estate has a clean and straightforward interface.

The real estate company presents its properties quickly exploring the user’s entire screen to create a magazine look.

10. Broker Edison Soares

Main page of the site for brokers of the broker Edison Soares.

The search for excellence is in the way of growth in this market, therefore, Edison always offers its customers a personalized service, which results in security for all business deals.

Of equal weight, its website for brokers provides a rich experience, with quality photos and complete description for its clients.

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