These Are the Digital Marketing Trends In 2019

2019 will be another year of deepening in digital marketing. A forecast of how the ways will be to reach new customers via the Internet.

In this article we will review the main marketing trends 2019. Beyond real estate marketing trends, in this article we will zoom in until we get a panoramic view of the global trends in digital marketing that will affect Real Estate.

Evaluate your 2018 digital marketing plan

The first step is to set up a marketing plan . That is, have a written document with the context, objectives, budget and plans to develop. Without this prior strategy, everything will remain in creative meetings without concrete measures.

On the other hand, if you already have a marketing plan, it is time to evaluate the results : have the proposed objectives been met? Have the actions satisfied expectations? Some of the questions you can ask yourself are:

• What acquisition channels have worked best?

• What is the customer journey that a user makes on your website?

• What message converts best?

• What day and time does our content work best?

• What frequency is adequate to generate engagement?

These analyzes will yield data that can be studied and conclusions drawn. Use the learning of 2018 to improve your online marketing actions in 2019 .

For example, in the event that an acquisition channel does not contribute, the fear of neglecting this communication channel must be lost . If your audience does not react in that channel, it will be that they do not have the need for your brand in that medium.

Just because your competition is on Twitter does not mean that you should be. Perhaps this player is also on this social network since you are present. 2019 should be the year to better target the audience , to optimize communication only in the channels that help to convert.

In the next 12 months we will see how the use of audiovisual pieces in digital marketing deepens. For instance:

• Short videos: Facebook’s algorithm favors them since they can be played on mobile phones.

• Vertical videos: thanks to the popularization of Instagram Television, vertical videos are becoming popular only for mobile screens.

• Long videos: powerful pieces with storytelling on YouTube and Facebook.

• Live videos: live broadcasts that are favored by YouTube because they are newsworthy and involve more viewing minutes than the rest.

• Podcast:This channel will go to the big brands in 2019. A way to approach the public in a conversational way. The podcast will be exclusive to lovers of technology and radio programs to take the next step.

Trends in social networks for the following year

In 2018, Instagram climbed positions to become one of the most important social networks in the world. Well, in 2019 its growth will continue. What’s more, given the good results of Instagram Stories, it is confirmed as an excellent platform to increase ROI and branding your brand.

In addition, a great growth of messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Telegram, is expected. In addition, messaging can be combined with the implementation of chatbots, in this way our brand can be responding to the user even when there is no person working.

How to attract the click with SEO in 2019

On the other hand, the fight to get an organic user to click on your website continues. In this war, the important thing is still quality content, so, take advantage of the new year to curate content , republishing and updating your posts that have worked in the past year.

A fight where it is essential to have your website optimized for mobiles, since Google continues to reward pages designed for smartphones, through its Mobile First Index rule.

Another way to get the click is by applying rich snippets to your website, that is, a markup of the published data so that Google better understands the organization of your website.

In addition, a growing trend at the end of 2018 and that is entering the new year strongly is voice searches . SEOs are looking at how to position their pages so that both Google and Amazon choose their content as the option that the robot reads, since the sale of these devices has skyrocketed at the end of 2018 and will increase their sales next year.

These are the trends for Real Estate Social Media in 2019

One more year, social networks will continue to be the cornerstone of digital marketing for companies, especially in the real estate sector. Since it appeared five years ago, social media has changed the relationship between the company and its audiences : more direct, more interaction and greater visibility.

In fact, the main characteristic of social networks, and in its extension to digital marketing, is the volatility of the offer. They are fast consumption networks, where the impacts are almost instantly forgotten. In this way, in this article we will analyze what the year 2019 holds for Social Media.

Based on this premise, companies, through the figure of a community manager, have been developing strategies to influence their audiences in a highly competitive market. Much less the Real Estate sector is left out of this trend.

What will be the trends in Social real estate?

2019 is predicted as the year of the end of the growth of Facebook, and the rise, progressive and constant, of Instagram as a social network in the coming years.

For the real estate sector, Tajarat properties this trend only reinforces the influence it can have on its audiences. What better input than an HD photograph of your real estate development that matches what the client is looking for?

In fact, the social network that has adapted more and better to the new times, YouTube , has definitely opted to give the user complete control of the contents.

With the renewal of the interface and the user’s feed , YouTube has taken a leap in quality with 360º videos: betting on a longer viewing time by users, higher quality and more detail.

How can the Real Estate sector benefit from the renewal of YouTube? It’s obvious:

  • Greater interaction with the user interested in your promotion
  • Details and perspectives : the user can view everything that interests him as many times as he wishes
  • Longer engagement time : thanks to augmented and virtual reality, the user’s time of use in the videos will increase.

On the other hand, 2019 definitively welcomes virtual reality (VR) in the Real Estate sector . For this year, the launch of tools for Oculus Rift and Oculus Go that will take off the digital marketing of your real estate developer is scheduled.

The professionalization of social networks in Real Estate

Although we have been warning for a long time that the professionalization of digital marketing is a key element in the take-off of your Real Estate, with the new tools it is becoming increasingly essential to have a network manager.

In fact, although years ago it seemed like a possibility to automate content on networks. Currently, that theory has lagged behind, to optimize the communication management of your real estate development, the figure of a Community Manager is necessary . The new tools and techniques that require more training, demand this professional to develop quality content .

This profile requires must have the following characteristics:

  • High level of programming and schedule
  • Knowledge of real estate development management
  • Ability to adapt to new digital tools
  • Knowledge of social for e-commerce
  • Mastery of written ability

Specific functions of Instagram and Facebook such as Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace require precision and knowledge of the business structure . Therefore, if you want your real estate development to remain competitive in the market, it is necessary to bet on a figure in the network that covers all these processes.

Today, more than ever, the trend is that quality is above quantity. In a market as wide and with so many actors as Real Estate, abandoning the networks and exercising them without a plan is a decision that can doom your promotion to instant death.

Are you interested in more information on how to manage your social networks, online reputation and thus optimize your marketing plan? In that case, leave a comment below with your thoughts. Also, share them with other professionals in the real estate sector.

Prepare your website for micro-moments

Google has defined “micro-moments” as those moments where a person interacts with the mobile in a fast way, as in the street, on the sofa or on the bus. There are four differentiated micro-moments where the voice is used to:

  • I want to know: questions on certain topics “What is a memory of materials?”
  • I want to go: questions about directions or about “flats in Chamartin”
  • I want to ask: these are doubts that are solved with manuals, “how do I fill out a procedure”
  • I want to buy: questions about specific products “Tell me the phone number of the real estate company …”

By analysing the possible contact scenarios between your real estate company blue world city Islamabad and the micro-moments, you will surely obtain ways to connect with your target audience.

If you found this publication interesting, do not stop publishing it. Also, leave a comment if you are thinking or if you already implement strategies to capture traffic on your voice search website.


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