Video Trends In Real Estate In 2019

As in all markets, Real Estate buyers first conduct an online search. Furthermore, it is estimated that 80% of Internet traffic will be in video in 2020. Therefore, if we want users to connect with our brand, it is necessary to include video in our company’s marketing strategy.

Different types of video for the real estate sector

The market for the sale of flats, houses and apartments is clearly visual. For this reason, video is a very useful tool to convince the future buyer.

Some of the new trends that will mark Real Estate video in 2019 are:

Virtual tours

Users will be able to visit a large number of real estate developments and apartments for sale from their computer. Avoiding the problems of balancing the agenda between salespeople and stakeholders and reaching a larger audience. In some video platforms we can put a call to action to book an appointment with the commercial and in this way generate traffic.

Streaming videos

The real estate agent can organize a visit to the home for sale live, broadcasting through social networks or live video platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

In this way, you only need a tablet and an Internet connection to reach a large market. Once the live is over, this video can be published as a virtual tour of the property.

Testimonial Videos

The real voice of a customer that has passed through your hands is vital to stand out from the competition. The first-person account of the experience is essential to convince a future buyer. What’s more, these interviews do not require a large investment in your production.

Videos about the area, the neighborhood and the city

Audiovisual works that reflect your knowledge and experience in the area. You can create a video that summarizes the characteristics of the area and others focused on more specific points that are of interest to future buyers.

For example, a list of educational centers in the neighborhood, places of interest, traffic and main access roads or other information that you think is useful for new residents. These videos reinforce your local knowledge and experience.

Real estate market update videos

Both agents and real estate developers must make periodic videos where the data of the real estate market of the neighborhood and the city are updated. These summaries validate your local experience, that is, they support the videos of the previous point about the neighborhood and the city to guarantee that your company is a benchmark in the area.

Aerial videos with drones

Using aerial shots both in live streams and in videos to show the house or the neighborhood provides a great visual impact. Fortunately, the market for drones is economizing and investing in them is becoming more and more plausible.

Videos of the work

We can create a video or a timelapse of the evolution that the work is having. In this way the consumer will be calmer when seeing how his new home evolves and loyalty in the face of future customers of other promotions that we have.

How should Real Estate videos technically be?

Once we know what to record, it’s time to think about the format for a moment. If 80% of Internet traffic in 2020 will be video, 75% will be mobile, so all videos must be mobile friendly, in other words, suitable for mobile devices. Besides, in essence, mobile videos are videos from social networks, especially Instagram and Facebook.

Therefore, a good video for social networks and that is reproduced on mobile phones must comply with the following technical aspects:

Square: it occupies more space in the feed of the user’s social network, and you also make users more likely to interact

Incorporate text: many videos play without sound, so with the help of writing you increase the probability of delivering your message. If possible, in bold to get the user’s attention.

Be concise: In less than 40 seconds, your video must attract attention, deliver the message and convince.

Start with the best: you don’t have to wait for the user to stay until the end to see how important real estate development is.

Videos to improve the brand

A good video makes your brand’s image stand out from other competitors. A professional video has as good an impact on the general public as it does on the specialized public. In both sectors, videos manage to attract attention and better fix messages.

In addition, if you publish videos of neighborhoods or cities, you manage to connect your brand with that specific area of ​​residence. Therefore, your brand will become a local benchmark, a way to ensure a territory within a market as geographically limited as the real estate sector.

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How To Create A Business Strategy For Commercial Real Estate

One of the most important things in any business that wants to reach all potential customers is creating a successful sales and marketing strategy. In the digital world, it is even more relevant, since it is a market that is constantly changing, so you have to know how to adapt at all times.

A well thought out business strategy for any CRE specialized company blue world city islamabad is necessary as every real estate project is different. But how to start?

Some ideas below that can be started now.

How to start the marketing strategy?

First of all it will help to have a vision of the integral structure of all the assets of the company. It is an excellent way to start documenting the marketing activities that are being carried out in all departments, so we can see what resources we have. It is also important to define objectives so that you have a clear idea of ​​where to go and how that goal will be achieved. In addition, you will have better control to plan and manage other matters, such as the budget.

An important point is the website, which will be the basis of our actions both offline and online. A website must be the point of conversion of our leads to customers, since we can measure the return on all investment and efforts made either by the commercial network, or by the ability of the website to attract traffic by itself.

You have to ask yourself, what attention has been paid to the company’s website? It should be borne in mind that this is the first impression given to a potential customer, and one of the factors that is most taken into account when having confidence in a brand.

That trust can be earned through company news, publications, and research that shows leadership. Currently, there is nothing more important than having a strong fingerprint .

The next step: A good database

With a good traffic generation strategy we can go up to the next step, since with this traffic we can create a good, segmented database with potential customers to reach more efficiently and directly.

The first thing is to review the current databases that we have, correct them, unify them and do a contact cleaning. This will give us an important base to start with, either offline, making direct contact, or online working with audiences with whom we have previously been successful.

There are several ways to get new contacts, such as segmented advertising strategies, seo, landings pages or attraction and notoriety campaigns.

For example, useful and relevant content strategies within the market are important since they generate traffic and brand reputation. For example, videos and infographics are the resources that generate the most attention.

This content will reach more people if we use social networks to spread it. In the real estate sector, the most relevant social networks are Twitter, Facebook and especially LinkedIn. They can be a vehicle to reach influencers and specialized media on the subject.

Other channels that can be used

Search engine visibility is a great way to drive traffic, so good website optimization, in SEO, has to be part of the CRE business strategy. It is a long-term process, but it is well worth taking it into account from the beginning.

We can direct this traffic to a corporate website, but it is more interesting to direct it to a specific microsite, such as a commercial property listing. This ensures a relevant and market-directed audience, and also improves the conversion rate, since it is a microsite oriented towards customer conversion.

Measure the results

When the strategy is created it is important to define the key metrics for each of the marketing channels, and thus be able to make decisions based on that data, otherwise the marketing plan will be obsolete. You have to constantly test results, channels, and techniques to find out what works and what doesn’t.

And most importantly: you have to be organized and have a systematic approach in each of the actions, so it will be easier to define the strategy in general, know whether or not the objectives are being met and measure the key metrics in each channel.

The Importance Of A Good Online Presence

Currently there is nothing more important for the image of any company than having a good online presence . Positioning yourself in the digital world will lead to a positive impact in the real world , as it will be the most effective way for potential customers to find your service, interact, get to know the brand and therefore trust it.

The marketing area of ​​any company is the one that most benefits from the online presence, as it offers closeness to customers, which translates into information, such as knowing their behavior and purchase patterns and thus being able to create attractive advertising and promotions and that they reach the public that we want them to reach.

A good online presence will not only give us a strengthened image of our brand, but it will also build loyalty to our customers and attract new ones who are looking for a service like ours.

The online presence has democratized the markets

Several years ago advertising campaigns was a luxury, which only big brands could afford, as they required high budgets to have a real impact. These campaigns were usually on radio and television.

The Internet has radically changed the rules of the game . Resources or tools appear every day that can help us, but they require an understanding on our part in order to get the most out of them.

Currently, thanks to a good online presence, we can reach a target audience with low budgets, and also, knowing perfectly the effectiveness of the campaigns, since it is possible to segment with incredible precision, assuming a high probability of success, because we go directly to potential customers.

Social networks are also an online presence and it has to be good

Through social networks our clients will be able to give us guidelines to consider about our service.

Thanks to tools such as Facebook or Twitter, they will talk about our products and / or services, and those of our competitors, as well as problems related to buying or hiring. This means an advantage because it is information that, well used and having a good online presence, does not give a guideline to follow in the market.

It must also be taken into account that the behavior patterns of Internet users have changed. At present it is common that before buying or hiring a service as much research as possible on the Internet is done about that brand, to know if it will meet expectations or not. We could say that online presence is the new word of mouth.

And if there is not a good online presence of the brand, it is most likely that the potential client will stop considering that option and will be left with the best options from search engines like Google.

Everything needs a strategy

It is important to have an online presence, yes, but not in any way, it has to be good. For our efforts to be successful, it is necessary to have a prior analysis that leads to a strategy. The analysis should cover the market, the competition, the target customers and ourselves as a company.

After the previous analysis will come the creation of the strategy that will be designed to achieve certain objectives. After a while and regularly, measurements have to be made to know if what we want is being achieved or not.

These types of measurements are increasingly simple to do, with the help of tools such as Google Analytics, which accurately reports the behavior of visitors to our brand’s website, being able to detect problems and / or adapt it to needs and thus being able to turn around a bad online presence.

Have you already taken the first steps to have a good online presence in Tajarat properties? Share this article if you think you can help someone who is about to enter the digital world or if you liked it and you find it interesting.


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