Why Is Marketing Important In A Real Estate Developer?

Real Estate companies have experienced some recent changes in the business model, as the presence of the Internet has completely changed the buying experience of users. Clients have become more demanding and specialized in all branches, but in Real Estate even more, since it is the most important purchase made by a family.

Potential buyers of real estate companies are increasingly trained and their knowledge may be similar or even greater than that of Real Estate agents, due to their interest in the purchase and that they have the Internet to find out everything about the subject before having the first approach with a specialist.

Due to the above, real estate companies like nova city have to take advantage of new technologies and get to work on new and successful marketing. It is important to make a good selection of the media and channels to use depending on the target customer.

This is where Real Estate marketing becomes relevant, since it is, basically, all the activities that are carried out to connect and get potential clients. Currently, it is no longer just a property that is sold, but the whole concept of a lifestyle, one that has to be created using marketing to meet those expectations that users have.

The main advantages of real estate marketing

The main advantages of real estate marketing is to publicize, inform and convince the user in the purchase of their home. In other words, we accompany and advise potential clients throughout their home buying process, so that they see us as the best option.

A good job of the Internet presence, following a well thought out marketing plan will allow a more direct and interactive contact with potential clients. You will also be able to display information in a more transparent, comprehensive and up-to-date manner, providing even more specialized information to potential buyers.

The visibility of a company, with respect to competitors, can only be given through marketing. Differentiating yourself from the competition is an excellent strategy to get a potential customer caught. Furthermore, 92% of users search the Internet before making a purchase in the real estate sector by any other means.

Valuable content for potential buyers will win their interest and trust. The idea is to let them make the decisions themselves, since we start from analysis and real estate studies and we know almost 100 percent what they want.

Actions of real estate marketing

The main thing is to attract. Relevant content that implies advantages over competitors will ensure the attention of potential customers. Putting yourself in users’ shoes helps focus efforts on effective content.

Then comes converting. By obtaining some of your data, thanks to a first approach, a personalized follow-up can be provided. The best way to get that contact information is by offering something valuable enough for them in return.

With the above, the closing point is reached. You have to guide the potential client little by little until they decide to take the big step. The use of marketing, through emails, for example, can be helpful in making the sale at the right time.

Finally: do not forget about the customer after closing the deal. As long as a buyer is satisfied with the whole process, they can be a genuine promoter of the company, which is a unique opportunity to start the process over with another potential client.

Real Estate is a complicated subject and users give great importance to the recommendations before having a first approach with any real estate company.

Renewed or die

In short, although marketing has existed for a long time, you have to know how to adapt it to the online world, as there are many more possibilities for a Real Estate company that is advertised on the Internet versus one that distributes advertising on the street. The traditional is being increasingly ignored.

The world is changing and the Internet is and will be to a greater extent the way to buy for the vast majority of users, from the most everyday products to the house of their dreams.

Main Uses Of Virtual Reality In The Real Estate Sector

Virtual reality has evolved in recent years and is here to stay in real estate. The industry takes advantage of the potential of this tool both for the design of the floors and to show the apartments in VR or with 360-degree shots. Therefore, virtual reality should be one more pillar within the real estate marketing plan.

In addition, virtual reality has evolved from being simple prototypes to becoming easily accessible and inexpensive gadgets that can be attached to any of our mobiles. These devices are already used by the Real Estate sector to attract both final buyers and financial investors.

Virtual real estate tour to gain emotional engagement

When we think of VR applied to the Real Estate sector, the first thing that comes to mind are the virtual tours of the apartment for sale. This technology is very practical during the sale, since it saves the buyer time. If the interested party has a mobile phone and 3D glasses, they can visit countless flats from their own home.

In addition, virtual tours allow a more complete experience when it comes to knowing an apartment. Being able to visit a flat virtually without leaving yours impacts more than going through a gallery of images. In other words, a stronger emotional engagement between the buyer and the property.

As if that were not enough, developers and real estate agencies can take 3D photographs of developments and flats . Thanks to the technology developed for virtual reality, some 3D images can be added to the classic 2D photo galleries that provide greater depth and information about the room.

Finally, VR allows you to improve the Homestaging experience . With virtual reality, the complete decoration of an entire house can be changed so that the user can appreciate how their home will be with different settings. Interior designers and promoters can work together to create different designs with furniture and types of decorations.

Virtual reality for real estate developers

In addition, the use that a real estate developer can make of virtual reality has great potential. Since the buyer walks the corridors of the new home and can even interact with the architecture. With a simple movement of your hand, change the color of the walls, choose the model of the windows, the style of furniture and endless etcetera.

In other words, it could be said that virtual reality joins the real estate sector in a kind of video game, where the protagonist is the future owner of the house. On the one hand, the buyer can make

concrete decisions about his new apartment, and on the other hand, the real estate developer is able to collect all this data to fully customize each of the homes he builds .

Until now, the sale of new construction was based only on the plan, that is, only on a 2D drawing prepared by an architect. Virtual reality has arrived to help the buyer to better understand the spaces , textures and dimensions offered by the plan, to take that step further, to give volume to a drawing.

Finally, virtual reality also helps in the process of building a real estate development. Since architects and builders can use the tool for the design and construction of buildings.

Architects have been using 3D images in their sketches for years, but it is time to bring the smartphone adapted to virtual reality to work, at that precise moment where nothing can go wrong and sometimes the plans are not entirely clear.

Are you thinking of applying virtual reality technology in your real estate developer? To get more impact in the buying and selling process, this tool is very useful. If you liked this article, don’t forget to comment and share!

Email Marketing Campaigns For Real Estate

Personalized emails are a great way to be successful in real estate. But how do we increase the ROI of our email marketing campaigns ? As always, segmenting and profiling our products according to the interests of the users of our database.

In this article we will review the various email marketing campaigns in the real estate sector Tajarat properties, as well as how to get the best out of all the emails you send to your clients.

Email marketing focused on loyalty

As you already know, the Real Estate sales process is slow due to the large outlay of money that buying a house represents. So, put some quick sales techniques aside and enjoy the client’s company in this long process. It is crucial that the future owner trusts you, it is highly recommended that they get to know you personally.

As an advice, it is better to sign emails with the name of the real estate agent than with the name of the company. The seller, and not the company, must know and empathize with the user to gain their trust.

Email marketing is not spam

It seems simple, but it is not. Nobody likes to receive emails with repetitive content or that are not for us. Buying an apartment is a great investment and it is a unique product, since the same house is not sold to two different clients. In other words, users require personalized treatment.

In this way, it is very important to focus your mailing list from the database to specific products, it is wrong to send purchase information to a person who wants to rent. Or notify someone with the intention of buying the apartment where they want to live about new homes for second homes.

On the other hand, the words “free”, “offer” or “now” are labeled as spam by mail servers, so it is advisable not to use them in our emails.

Types of email marketing campaigns for real estate

To get an email to convert it must be attractive to the user. So it is essential to deliver content that the client expects to receive or that may be interested. Therefore, some types of campaigns are these:

Welcome (or transactional) emails

It should be appreciated that the person has decided to enter your database. Also, the advantages of being on your mailing list should be explained. It is also important to add call to actions since it was registered voluntarily, therefore, it is a “hot prospect”.

We can repeat this process thanking you for a visit, request for information, change of status, etc.


They are emails loaded with valuable content that may interest the user. Blog posts about rental prices, investments, taxes, or whatever this particular buyer / tenant wants to know.

Promotions and sales

They are the most direct commercial emails. In Real Estate, promotions are rare, but you can still use your imagination and achieve conversions. As a tip, do not visually saturate the email, about three images and the essential data.

Seasonal emails

Take advantage of the summer and holidays to advertise vacation properties.

Informative emails from your company

They are branding emails with news of your sales achievements, new offices, awards won or presence at exhibitions. These emails should be less common than the rest, with one monthly or every two months is enough.

Emails to get to know your customers better

Emails with surveys to complete the data of each user. By knowing new information, each customer can be better segmented, thus being sent exclusive information about a single product.

How do I know that my email marketing campaigns are working?

Thanks to the email marketing tools you can obtain analytics of the emails sent. Data such as open rate of emails, bounce rate (undelivered mail server error or folder full), including the opening time and the percentage of spam that our emails are marked.

The success of email marketing campaigns is measured by fewer emails and more results. This is achieved by segmenting, segmenting, and segmenting again. If you know the tastes of your users, you can write posts that they like, in addition to offering real estate products that meet their requirements.

Do you want to apply a strategy in your email marketing campaigns? I hope this post has been interesting to you and if you want, spread it or share your experience.


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